1. Ryoko

    Demonic perception (Wall)

    Well I have not made a wallpaper.. in ages? So I decided to try with disasterous results -.- I uploaded it anyway though, go easy on me :talk:
  2. J

    Brolly Conversion

    http://de.geocities.com/jester7986/argh.jpg (copy & paste) Model: AzN Dragon Skin: AzN Dragon default Goku Animations: Dark Tooth? (not sure, sorry) Im not done yet, somehow I'm always screwing up the "§$%"§$% fingers, and, as u can see, his pants are clipping through the robe and I...
  3. T

    How do u put your own animations into a character?

    Ok i made like a 1-2 animations now how do i compile them into the model with all the other esf animations?
  4. suicidal_maniac

    Behold Teh Siggyness!!!

    New Sig. I want some crits and i wanna know if i should keep my current one or switch to this one.
  5. TehMuffinMan

    *yawn* deathpack release...

    well, im bored, so i guess ill release my deathpit maps, download them 0=|HERE> this is still geocities.. so if anyone wants ta host them, fire away. and if you dont know how to use geocities links, copy link into a new browser!
  6. F

    poly limit

    whats the poly limit on esf models?
  7. Macro-Gamer

    NEW SIG, for a friend

    A new sig i made for my friend Dakilla. Copy and past link, otherwise it won't work: www.geocities.com/intrpidstudios/dakilla.jpg[/url] Tell me what you think. P.S : I'v heard a rumour that Ryoko and many other "guys" on this forum are...................."routing for the...
  8. M


    Hi, I'm new here so plz excuse me if im doing something wrong. And could someone plz make me a vegetto or tell me where to find one cause i went to some of the sites where i was supposed to find vegetto and the download links were invalid. Plz help me out!!!!!!!
  9. S

    oops yeah right!!

    here try my site alright?? or send me an e-mail And i olso will remember what you said. (hehe)
  10. JeS

    Teh Unofficial Screenshot Thread!!!

    Hey everyone, I figured these forums could use a screenshots thread instead of people makin new threads for their screens. :) Here's mine:
  11. G

    Arena WIP, yah i'm a super.n00b

    So i sat around and wanted to make an arena. I have never used worldcraft before, but hey its worth a try. So don't heckle the map to much, I am a skinner not a mapper. the orginal plan is to have 2 grand stands with sky boxs and then have 3 fighting planes, two of them clear and then one...
  12. S

    Final Fantasy

    About a 30 minute job, its basically just Photoshop with just a little bit of 3dsm. Enjoy ;)
  13. USJTrunks

    Teh Sky Is Fallin!!!11 Ono!!1

    http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/711757 Click it!
  14. Ryoko

    New Ryo wallpaper (tried a new style)

    Well. I must admit I did use my style a lot. I will probably continue to, but this is a little different. Not much mind, but a little. Tell me which you prefer (my old or this new) style and give me individual crits on this paper too please!
  15. V

    Punisher model and skin

    http://spidermantc.fragoff.net/images/models/costume4.jpg its by charger, a modeler for Dynamic Forces it was done while he lost his isp for a month so no references just practice at skinning check out the mod http://spidermantc.fragoff.net/ i think we are producing some quality work...
  16. GhostfaceKillah

    my new avatar!!!

    check it out thanks to www.eyesondesign.net for the tutorial
  17. Ryoko

    New sigs (similar ones)

    Ok, heres a new sig from me. Which is better? I have been told my current one is better, but i'll let you all look anyway.
  18. Akhkaru

    My Gohan head model WIP

  19. JeS

    TEH JeS IS HERE!!!!!!!

    LOCK YOUR WINDOWS! BOLT YOUR DOORS! CHANGE UR FTP PASSWORDS BECAUSE I IS HERE! After a long time idiling in #esf, I finally got mah lazy butt up and registered for the forums! So, do expect me here a lot and i expect to hate me! :devsmile: - JeS
  20. MrMasj

    Gray Scale

    The model gray scale Picolo can some one resise him to 1/4 size ? I´m in need of it in a map im making for the beta ! sorry for my spelling :)