1. A

    my models are the best

    hey check out my pics let me know wut u think maybe ill let peeps download them judgeing on how everyone likes them:D:devgrin:
  2. ]\/[ITCHELL

    Vegeta With Tail

    I've downloaded a model (i cant remember where:rolleyes: ) but it's a vegeta with a tail.Thats nice but the tail doesn't move, thats not nice:\ ;( so my question is :can some one animate the tail if Isend it to a email adress thank you for your attention
  3. freeportpretz22

    Vegeta Model Edit

    All this credit goes to Brollman's, all I did was edit the eyes, eyebrows, and hair. ENJOY!!! http://www.geocities.com/hamstersigs/ (Might have to copy and paste!!!) *EDIT* I need a host!!! :cry:
  4. B

    Vegeta SSJ3 with a blue tail

    who all want Vegeta in ssj3 well this is ur chance i kinda tryed to make the hair bit longer but i need a good modeler that can remove the tail and make the hair a bit longer Heres the pic http://www.angelfire.com/blues2/ss/Dq.JPG
  5. L

    Can Someone Please Make Me A Gotenks And A Ssj Gotenks!!!!! Please!

    Can someone make me a gotenks and ssj gotenks??:cry:
  6. V

    Dynamic Forces Scorpion Skin

    Saiyanwigga asked me to get him some crit on his Scorpion skin so far(95%?) so go wild people just don't be ignorant ^_^ modeled by UltimateSS and tweaked by NeD
  7. M

    Cell's tail move!

    I think that Cell should be able to use his tail and absorb people. When he absorbs people he gains pl. Kinda like when buu eats someboda, he gains pl or regenerates his life.:shocked:
  8. DiebytheSword

    Atomic Divisions' newest monster . . .

    Atomic Divisions stuff, do not use without my permission. ;/ http://cucumba.freeservers.com/ADripjaw.jpg Cut and paste if it doesn't work.
  9. M

    Cell form 2

    face is *** lol so im not gonna show u that :P...
  10. Yoh Asakura

    Frieza tail attack

    Freeza should have a meele tail attack and if you block you should grap his tail and throw see revenge of cooler
  11. D

    Why do Trunks and Goten NOT have a tail?

    At 1st I thought that it was because they were half-human, but then I remembered that Gohan had a tail. And another thing, in DB, Goku's tail GREW back, and the same happened to Gohan in DBZ. That's 2 TIMES that Trunks and Goten could've had tails? Did the writers just decide to leave that out...
  12. D

    SSJ Shadow is making a Model of Cooler.....We need help

    We are having some problems making this BMP file 97 kb. Photoshop cant compress BMPs.....well, at least on mine it cant. We were wondering if some of the people from the ESF Team could tell us how u made it that small. Right now its at 285 kb. Please help....
  13. I

    Request From Antoine

    Could U Make More Models For Gogeta Like Can U Make The SSJ and SSJ4 Model For Him If U Can Or If U Can't Well Then Forget About It. :cool:
  14. I

    r@ditzszszszszszzz 0pd@t€

    here is my raditz update!
  15. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Ok guys who can createGOKU4 ???

    I hope Vassago will answer me cuz i ever trie to get an answer from him ;)
  16. T

    SSJ4 Goku Skin Edit

    what do you guys think