1. Shadi

    Fairy Tail of the week[Manga Spoilers]

    I decided to add "Manga" in the [] even though there isn't any of that in the Bleach and Naruto ones but decided to follow the rule thread Chapter 280 is where we're at! This intense tournament that goes from swimsuits to intense fights is becoming quite interesting.. the latest fight between...
  2. Ryuuzaki

    Fairy Tail Anime!!!

    Finally the first episode of this new series is out. Those who are reading the manga can tell what a great story it has, it's like a second One Piece :D
  3. Ryuuzaki

    Fairy Tail

    It's a new manga which has some of One Piece's style and it's pretty cool. So, how many of you knew about it? If u don't, just check it out...i'm sure you'll like it
  4. john_volkov

    charge swoop tail

    I think the tail sould be remove or only to work when you swoop fowerd not when you have yorbo on (I think the swoop tail lags)
  5. I

    Cells Tail Attack

    Hi there You know Cell have has that tail attack that drains and sucks people in. Well how bout this its sort of like regeneration but from other people. All Cell would need to do is swing its tail and somebody once hit it will drain the health. Thanks
  6. J

    Let frieza use his tail as a new attack!!!

    was just reading a thread saying you wanted new attacks NOT based on energy attacks/ki beams/big huge energy balls (hahaha my choice of words makes me sound bad at english...) anywho. we all saw frieza beat the blue buggery out of vegeta, so why not as a new melee attack for him, let him use...
  7. R

    tail less kamehameha

    critz? go easy its ma fisrt d/l http://rikkuboy.free-host.com/notail%20kamehameha.zip new piccy added
  8. Wizard's Curse

    New Ki blast tail !

    To be honest the current ki blast looks kinda wierd ... the tail is kinda too long and dense when it should be semi transparent ... soo I made a new one O_o D\L HERE! BTW Goten-son, my host gave me the idea to change it ... cuz from the sides a ki blast looks like a pencil to him...
  9. N

    Sword and tail on advanced meele

    On advanced meele when charging a combo all character can choose between punchs and kicks. That's my idea. I think Trunks, Frieza and Cell should be able to choose between punchs (blue arrow), kicks (yellow arrow) and sword for Trunks and tail dor Frieza and Cell (green arrow).
  10. T

    Son-Goku With Tail model (wip)

    well its my second or third model but the second that made such progress! here some pics! i made a tail cause i want to make him a SS4 here links copy paste to your browser if it wont work her is goku normal state http://www.geocities.com/dmindsplit/back-goku.jpg...
  11. K

    HELP!! I have a prob with my ssj4 Gotenks

    OK i have the programe milkshape 3D 1.6.6a i made a tail for my ssj4 gotenks but when want to export the file it gives me a warning: Found vertex with invalid bone assignment! Model not exported! what do i have to do??? Here's a pic a made (the gotenks ssj4 reskin) if u can't see...
  12. Kreshi

    New SSJ4 Goku

    Hi! I am straight working on a SSJ4 Goku body! Here´s a Pic: The textures aren´t finished straight and i have also to do a head^^ Please give me some crits^^ EDIT: Credits: All by me^^ :laff:
  13. D

    My Reskins

    Independance Day Goku! Credits Mr. Smo ( I think that's all) SSJ3 Vegeta Credits: Turk (Hair and Tail edited by Kreshi And Gipper) and Skyrider
  14. G

    Did trunks ever get a tail?

    i find it weird that i never saw trunks with a tail... just freaks me out a little....
  15. S

    Cells Tail

    Description : Cell has the ability to use his tail on opposing players to "absorb" their powerlevel. Damage : 10 a second. Powerlevel absorbtion : The same as a kiblob bubble. How it works : Cell must be behind the person, left click is to grab the opponent right is to absorb. It...
  16. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Ultimate SSJ4

    Well i have made (not completely) aSSJ Goku Its badass I need Sin (Sin Goku) to assigne the bones , because i suck at that Anyways heres the pic Credit to AZN - arms , legs Real modeler of goku - body Tell me what do you think? :laff:
  17. Black Raven

    3 little reskins

    I´ve made 3 reskins,hope you´ll liek them ^^ 1.Redsaiyan Vegeta Redsaiyan Vegeta, i´ve try to keep as near as possible to the orginal redsaiyan head from Spins great page. Picture: Download: http://www.angelfire.com/theforce/blackraven0/ESF/Redsaiyan.zip Credits to Azn Dragon...
  18. Cheeto101

    Question about FB sprite

    Hmm just a question, but is it possible to make trunk's FB sprite look any thing kinda like a mini spirit bomb (i mean not exactly like, itd be blue and have the kinda tail effect thing). Play any of the snes games with the fb to figure out what im talking about. I have no experience with...
  19. Skinnerfool

    radditz skin release

    Well i dunno how to model so here is the skin and i give creditst o esf teamsa and keshish Click here to download And uhh dunno what to say
  20. B

    Cell's Tail

    Maybe it is allready suggested ,but this is my idea... I think Cell's Tail would be like a second Melee. But a little bit different. You must use the attack close to a enemy. If you use it, Cell uses his tail to smack the enemy. If you use alternate fire, he stings the enemy and absorbs...