1. Skyrider

    Worth switching to Windows 7?

    I'm rather curious, is it worth switching from XP to Windows 7? Regardless if W7 is in beta stage. I dislike Vista as I have a lot of issues with it, but I don't think I will with Windows 7. And I'm quite the person who is really interested in things and using fancy new things.
  2. Skyrider

    XP Blue screen when switching BIOS HDD to SATA

    I was unable to install XP as it couldn't detect the sata HDD, thus I changed the SATA in BIOS to PATA. After the installation, I wanted to switch it back to SATA.. but xp keeps having blue screens. Now, Understanding because I never installed the SATA drivers. I attempted to install the sata...
  3. B

    Switching between English and Japanese Voices?

    Hello All, I recently downloaded this mod, and to my surprise found it very entertaining, good job. However, when I installed it, I had selected Japanese voices because I had never heard of it before. But over time, the unrealistic high pitched adult voices started irritating me, but I did not...
  4. S

    beam struggle cahracter switching

    Playing as goku in a beam struggle with another goku, i switched to piccolo. the beam struggle did not end, so it waspiccolo holding a kamahamaha. Now i can throw spirit bombs as piccolo, and all of gokus attacks, just with piccolos sound effects. When i *edit*died*Edit* i had piccolos normal...
  5. O

    Keeping power after switching characters

    I've tried to find if this has been suggested with no succes. If it was been suggested before then I apoligize. I'd like the team to chance the current ways of character switching... Example: I have a PL 5.000.000 and I pick accendently Krillin...while I wanted Cell..Then my PL drops...
  6. KilledWithStyle

    When switching melee to off in middle game...

    When you switch melee off in the middle of game, the melee still exists if they dont switch thier attack. Example 1: I decide everyone does beams, I switch melee to off and BOOM. A noobie just refuses to switch off of melee and uses it untill he dies by a beam. Example 2: (I did this...
  7. Jarrstin

    Model switching is a $#@!

    Ok..I don't know about you guys, but switching models for new custom ones is a hassel. You have to constantly switch, and switch, back up, back up. It can be a hassel. Now, what I am wanting to know is if anyone made a script to where you can load more then just the characters in the game. Like...
  8. T

    redsayian website??

    So is red syaians web site gone for good i dont even see link on esf home page .It would suck if its gone it had all the skins and back up stuff i hope its not gone for good.
  9. songokussm

    Engine switching?

    here is an excerpt from the half-life people - ------------------------------------------------------------------ On Half-Life to H-L 2 Mod Conversion Models, animations, and textures just need to be compiled with the new tools. The maps can be loaded into Hammer and saved in the new...
  10. A

    Shiek AKA Zelda model (and others)

    I was making some edits and I made shiek. I plan on finishing the head, finishing my Zora model and then making a Naboora model.:]
  11. F

    there`s this map.......

    there`s this map i played i think ape made it but it is off the hook there is a secret door where all the dragonballs are held
  12. The Taco Man

    Funny model switching bug

    lol, switch ssj vegeta with ssj gohan and do final flash: EDIT: Copy and past the URL to see the picture :)
  13. Ultraq

    switching between attacks [- READ! -]

    how about make the mouse buttons just for melee, and instead of switching betwen attacks with numbers, the numbers will be the attacks themselves!! like .. in dmz they have combos (no attack switching) so in esf it would be cool if u just press "4" and u begin charging a kamehameha right away...
  14. D

    "switching" between the SJ Stages

    My wish/suggestions for esf is, that the sj's would be able to switch BACK into the level above. For example, if u r goku and u r in the ssj level, that u can turn ourself back into the sj level. It would be fun and sometimes useful, if u want to fight with a charactar which is much weaker...
  15. imkongkong

    PL storing when switching characters

    when using a character, lets say for instance vegeta, and u use him for a good round 3 hours and he's super strong, when you switch characters the PL starts at the beginning, now i say thats GEY.... maybe if u switch your PL would cut in half or if half goes below standard, just goes back to...