1. zmaster

    please dont stop the music,oh shit is that a dinosaur

    so will the music player that was in esf1.2.3 be in esf:final will the dinosaur bots still be included
  2. Mkilbride

    Help stop Internet Censorship Took me two seconds to do it.
  3. Stuart

    Did the developement of ESF 1.3 stop.

    Its been awhile maybe like month since the last update was released. I am thoroughly excited for the release of the long awaited mod. I am astounded that the development team has dramatically tweaked the original have life engine into to something that looks as good as the source engine...
  4. -Origin

    I can't stop laughing xD
  5. Disguise

    Quick Stop

    Quick Stop's stamina cost could rely on the player's current momentum. The player can slow themselves using KI. If a player has a lot of KI and low Stamina, they could slow themselves before Quick Stopping to negate most of the cost. This presents a skill curve where some players will make...
  6. MrPlow

    The best game EVAR!!!!

    Just see for yourself I still can't stop laughing
  7. Dylanhutch

    Stop using Steam?

    :(Why Steam huh? I even heard that it deleted everything on this guys pc. I meen wow WHY??? And how are you going with copyright isues? Don't bother banning me i will not CARE, this game was good but now that you need something that is worse than getting steaming elephant...
  8. Sicron

    HOLY ****! Somebody stop him!!

    Everybody, get down, NAO!
  9. Deathshot

    You can't stop Chuck Norris. Such a great song.
  10. S

    how to stop being ***

    Please reply to this post. I badly need help with my orientation. I am a homosexual guy of 14 years old. I am in denial of this. Today I was out with my friend who is a straight hunk. We were surfing porn together, and I was shocked that I was not aroused by those beautiful ladies on the screen...
  11. SailorAlea

    Ewe Boll will stop making movies if this petition reaches 1,000,000 signitures.

    ( Hilarious. Sign @
  12. Kaination

    How to stop saying a word?

    Well, recently my friend brought the attention to me that I have a horrible habit of saying "Foo" at the end, like way back in 6th grade. Here's some example: "Hey foo, did you hear about blah?" "Wanna goto the arcade foo?" "This foo was trying to do blahblahblah" "aye foo, blah blah blah"...
  13. dan_esf_fanatic

    Damn pop-up errors!! MAKE THEM STOP!

    Alright, since a week ago I keep getting these damn pop-up errors, often in the middle of a multiplayer game, which severely gets on my nerves, since it automatically switches to it whenever it pops up: This is what it looks like. I think that a trojan is the cause, but I just can't seem to...
  14. Dokutayuu

    Stop Beam Spamming without lowering beam strength

    I'm not sure if this is already inplemented but what if when you were attacked while charging a beam, it would fail to fire instead of autofiring and killing everyone else? And maybe make people more vunerable whilst charging; your guard would be down while concentrating wouldn't it? Any...
  15. Kama


  16. @

    pain stop abusing your mod power

    all i asked was a simple question, is their a way to edit my starting powerlevel. just cause i mention evm in my thread title isnt justification to lock it. it wasnt even really the focus, i just mentioned evm cause when i installed it my default powerlevel changed +1 mil. i just wanted to fix...
  17. Delusional

    Simplest, Best way to stop Beam Spamming

    Its very simple really, when you shoot a beam, you cannot shoot another of the same beam until the one you shot before completely explodes (And implodes) This would work for all signature moves but not Generic/kiblast Or Piccolo's Scatter Shot
  18. S

    a way to stop skybox abuse... but still maintain coolness

    I dunno about you, but ive never been bounced off or smashed right into thin air and stuck there. I think in a way it is a cool thing to do sometimes, but it just is a bit rediculous how u stick in the middle of the sky or you bounce of the "ceiling". Keep in mind this idea is very rough, this...
  19. Vegeta Jr

    The Air Stop !

    This thread is about the Air Stop action what SSJ Shin Carl suggest in his thread, i think it would be cool to stop your self from hitting a wall or the ground when you have been thrown or blasted away... This is how i think the air stop could work :] When Some one Throws you in the air...
  20. TimTheEnchantor

    Short stop in..

    I am heading to pompano beach and to europe until mid-july so I will be leaving my last picture here.. The picture was not edited. You can see parts of the outside etc. But I set it up so the sun hit with maximum force. ---------------------------------------------- I want people to realize...