1. O

    How do i start Modelling?

    Hi all. I am interessed in modelling. and i am asking u people. How do i start? What should i do? what programs do i need? Thanks if u could help. Peace! -Orochimaru12:devil:
  2. LSSJ-Goku

    im gonna start modeling :)

    HI , as u can see the topic :) but i have problem , im gonna start from normal objects but when i see tutorial video i see where to "get material" "mtl libary" i dont have anything there ;[ where can i get that ? using 3ds max ^^ And can u give some tips ? :P u have skill in this :P
  3. wheres_

    Swoop Start Animation suggestion.

    After watching over the budokai map preview I came up with an idea. At current (and from what I saw in that video hasn't been fixed) when you go to double tap swoop you see a couple of frames of the walk animation before the swoop kicks in and it looks a bit glitchy and rough. My suggestion...
  4. SaiyanPrideXIX

    New vid card, blank screen on start...

    Went out and bought a new vid card today for short money. It's a Radeon x1300 Pro, 256mb, AGP8x. A step up from my old Radeon 9800. I rip out the old one figuring I wouldn;t have to uninstall everything, because it's the same type of card. When I upgraded from a 9700 to a 9800 I didn't have to...
  5. vinay87

    HL Modding : Where do I start?

    I am sooooo n00b at this. I learnt C++, got MSVC++ 2005 AND the SDK I checked out wavelength... but honestly, WHERE do I start? I just need to know. a little help maybe? Something like open so and so file to just increase bullets. And Such and such file tells u some class list But first of...
  6. BloodWraith

    I'm not here to start a fight...

    Take it easy man. I'm just messing with Pain cuz hes 1 SED ANYTHING bout insults. U see i knw that Pain cnt help the time that ESF 3 is gna come out but its like that dude wud b evil if it didnt come out b4 da end of the year. And what's that dudes name? I may b on my 2nd...
  7. J-Dude

    ESF won't let me start server while online.

    This has been bugging the Hell outta me. For one reason or another, unless I'm offline, ESF will not allow me to start any sort of server, LAN or Internet if I'm connected to the Internet. I'm only able to join other servers. When I try, it loads all the way to precaching and then stops and goes...
  8. T

    how we start with xx ki

    what is the command for start a server with allbody have 2 000 000 ki at start ! ??? ty (sorry for my english i m french !:] )
  9. Nuttzy

    today got off to a rough start =/, Pc wont power on

    K, well what i usually do before i have to get up and go anywhere is get in a few item farming runs on diablo 2, and today was no exception. I decided i was gonna go make me some bacon and eggs, but on my way out i stepped on a thumbtack and kicked my surge protectors power button by mistake...
  10. -/Raiden\-

    New Map Start ! (WIP)

    Hi I starts my new map because my old map had too many errors :( Here the first pics :P
  11. J

    cant start the install plzz help me

    i cant start the install and i have half live and it is activate't on steam and i have 6 gb back on my computer plaese help me :cry:
  12. D

    when i start it opens cs

    hello i got 1 question when i klick the button for the game esf my computer loads counter strike and not that game..
  13. VeGeTTo

    Esf 1.3 Cheating Start

    We all now that esf 1.3 it's going to bee pure Pownage but that ain't the problem , what i wont to say it's what IF esf 1.3 it's going 2 bee VERY VERY popular , not only among us , among hackers , nothing will stop em from makeing scripts , cheats , autocheats , wich we all hate, i wonna ask ...
  14. S

    Error when start server

    hi @ all. I have a Problem. :cry: When I start a Server a Error comes. "could not load Libary F:\Half-Life\ESF\cl_dlls\client.dll" Can somebody help. :confused: ThX
  15. P

    My ESF dont start

    Hello... i cant play ESF.When i start a map it come a Error massage : half-life Launcher i have try all versons and no one work.. plz help me :(
  16. D

    Can i make a server with high CF at start ?

    hi. im newby, i have a question.. Can I make a server with 8.000.000 or more CF at start?
  17. J

    Where to start....

    Right i need to know where to start modeling I have 3ds max, milkshape and blender And also for skinning i have photoshop and paintshop (which is better?) So know i just need some tutorials or something to help me start modeling and skinning :laff:
  18. I

    ESF doesnt start

    I have donloaded esf 1.2.3 beta today.I have only Cs 1.6 with steam installed on my PC.Then i have installed esf to my Cs 1.6 Folder.All ok up to now.But if i klcik on the Earth Special Forces Symbol only counter strikes starts but no ESF.CAn you help me?
  19. T

    Unable to Start anygame and load map: = Screenie *Help* <img src="" alt="Image hosted by"> When i try and load amap this happens :( plz can sum1 help me
  20. M

    i get this error when i try and start a server

    when i open steam and run dedicated server and try to start a esf server it says host_error:Couldn't get DLL API from .\esf\dlls\hl.dll! plz help anyone i want to know how to make a dedicated server