1. D

    My esf crashes as soon as i start to play

    Idk what to do i unistalled all of it and reinstalled all the esf stuff then i start up the game create my game then when i have the choice of good or evil i pick one and it crashes saying Hunk alloc: failed on 65433 gygabites or w/e any suggestions? And on Open beta how do i make the graphics...
  2. MinioN

    World in conflict won't start

    Well guys,It's been 2 months i since my last post here :D. I can't find help anywhere i thought someone here will know.I installed WIC but when i run it screen goes black and then it's just shuting down itself.I doesn't show any error.What can it be?
  3. Mr.Lukyas

    The new start.

    I decided to make a new start on this forum. Well, if some persons are mature enough to allow it. So, first thing, I will put Zeonix and Spunky on my ignore list immediately, second thing, it sucks I can't put Damaera on my list. Third thing, I apologize to Jesus for names I called him...
  4. I

    ESF wont start up....

    Im trying to play esf on my cousin laptop but its not working. it says W_LoadWadFile: couldn't load gfx.wad or something like that. Im not sure whats wrong tho but yeah. Im currently running a non steam counter strike 1.6 and non steam half life. Im thinking that esf might not work for non steam...
  5. Plakman

    Game won't start

    i just downloaded the final open beta but when i join a game it loads but then when you should select your character it just freezes in some way. i mean when you push escape i see buu wobling in a black window -_- it happens always if i create server or if i join one.
  6. K

    I become always some bugs when i start ESF

    Hi can one help me i become every this bugs when i start ESF Klick on the picture for orginal size Can one tell me how i fix it ? Thx
  7. SSJ4boneVegeta

    Should Servers start using Frag Limits?

    In my personal opinion, I've already enjoyed playing esf with frag limits on. Whether it's free for all or team deathmatch, the goal and purpose of reaching a certain frags before someone else always made the game more interesting. Team work is always brought out then; even for free for all when...
  8. T

    esf start

    please help me i open game and press cosole.Then opening grey window .what write there?:(:confused:
  9. E

    how to start free play with official hl??

    I got official hl and esf 1.2.3 + ecx rc2, but I can`t start it, plz tell me
  10. LionHeart

    Can't get past the pic on the start page Can anyone go past the 1st page? Since I want to download from that site.
  11. Vejta SSJ

    i wanna start moddeling!!

    i want to start with modeling,so can you recomend me some moddeling programs......can they be downloaded from internet and where?
  12. Teddy

    Pc refuses to start up.

    Aight, my pc isnt starting up (as you already know :P). I've had to run it in safe mode for some time now. I've had lots of problems with it before so yesterday I did a system restore. Started to wrok fine but now this morning for no reason it just wont start up. Any help with my annoying peice...
  13. Holmisen

    start video

    what do i do to se taht start logo when you shall start esf its come a logo but not for me what shall i do?
  14. L

    HELP cant start server

    im sorry but i cant even get a load screen i try and run the game its fine when i start lan server no go. i try and join a server no go i try offline mode no go WTF whats going on someone tell me what i did wrong?
  15. G

    i cant start my own servers anymore

    when i try to start a server it goes up to the point when it says precatching resources then it dissapears and takes me back to the find server\create server menu....
  16. H

    Can't start my own local server....or join another game

    Hi, I recently downloaded Steam, half-life, and esf from the website, so i do not have a CD key. I do have steam and I did get the new 1.2.3 in accordance with the "how to ask..." section: Are you trying to run any ESF add-ons? No What game are you trying to install ESF...
  17. G

    ESf wont start up

    i double click on ESF and it doesnt start up then i reset the comp and it still didnt start up. does this happen occasionally?
  18. M

    computer restarts when i start esf 1.3

    I have the problem when i start esf openbeta 1.3 i create a lan server they load all normal then before the game starts my computer restarts automaticlly. I have Steam with Half-Life. Sorry for my bad english
  19. M

    1.3 won't start

    i trie to do a lan game it starts loading .. the normal loading screen then returns me to windows ... why ?
  20. M

    1.3 won't start

    it won't start ... i try to creat a lan game it loads then exits the game ... WHY ????