1. X

    Bling Bling! LOL Tell me what ya think....

    Most of you may have noticed this from previous posts... But what do you all think about my new Sig/Avatar :P The avatar is just a "Screen" Cap but it fits :p I r the l3373$t Black Swordsman LOL j/k sorry im hyper :p
  2. A


    I need some photoshop help. I just got photoshop 7 yesterday and I nees some help: 1. How do I make the grid lines? I see a lot of you have grid lines in your sigs. How do you make em? 2. How do you fade things? 3. Hod do you create cool borders. Kind of like the border in my curent sig...
  3. fatmanterror

    ohhhh why not

    ohhhh why not(models for dl) well, since im done modeling, and these models will just go to waste, here u all go, note i didnt finish the ssj4 gogeta like i thought i would but trust me its fine ingame. enjoy Model Page
  4. F

    will anyone.......

    will someone start making model/skins of ssj3 or ssj4 of goku and vegeta? don`t ask me i don`t know how? i do wanna play with a ssj3 goku!! or the same with vegeta
  5. Marauder

    My first ssj4 goku

    here is my first, it will get better i promise :). what do u think?
  6. B

    Vegeta SSJ3 with a blue tail

    who all want Vegeta in ssj3 well this is ur chance i kinda tryed to make the hair bit longer but i need a good modeler that can remove the tail and make the hair a bit longer Heres the pic
  7. A

    Vegeta gt + ssj4 Released

    Here is the ssj4 pack
  8. A

    Need Vegeta gt skins for non saiyan and ssj4 saiyan please

    pleas post all your gt pics please
  9. A

    Vegeta gt and ssj4

    hi ok its vegeta in his gt outfit with short hair (hair by Azn) i reskin it and put the hair on it but its look like a little bit lol and ssj4 for download send me an email at [email protected]
  10. A

    Vegeta ssj4

    hi all here vegeta ssj4 its my great skinned model :) :) not Stolen!!!!!!!!!!! its an edit from me and the original modler unknown but i leech the original model here !! See here : Download here :
  11. E

    My work

    <img border="0" src="" width="903" height="598"></p> <p><a href="">SSJ Bebi Vegeta</a></p> <p><img border="0" src="" width="628"...
  12. Vegito1180

    SSJ4 Vegeta

    I am working on a ssj4 vegeta skin here's (the pic quality is crapy beacuse of paint) is the link to it and i am planning to redo the chest using adobe photoshop and jasc phototshop pro.tell me what you think?(Oh This Model Isnt Mine I...
  13. -Dark Shadow-

    is ssj4 more powerful than a golden oozaru

    well is it?
  14. Logan4434

    Gogeta ssj4 PLEASE

    could anyone make a ssj4 gogeta PLEASE? btw been looking for good perfect cell and super buu if anyone could help please. THX
  15. Tyrael


    hi people i need help can you post all high quality pictures you got from ssj4 goku vegeta and gogeta:] thanks Warfear :yes: