1. M

    How can i get ssj2

    hi guys, how can i get the perfedt form by ki 5000.000
  2. M

    ssj2 hair

    just alittle question about the series.. when they go ssj2.. does their hair grow??
  3. N

    in EVM goku ssj2.....

    when i become goku become an wierd textured
  4. Super Veggeto

    Ssj2 Gohan drawing.

    here is my latest drawing :P ill make a lineart soon i guess
  5. S

    Ssj2 Form

    When Im playing and I get enough PL to turn ssj2, I press "z" and it just goes to regular ssj. ? Do they look the same or am I doing it wrong ? :cry:
  6. H

    is there an addon for ssj2 and 3

    i d like to know if a mod addon exist for transforming into ssj2 or 3 or different good addon for esf thx all great community here ;D
  7. W

    ssj and ssj2?

    i was playing wif trunks and then i got to ssj after i died and i was at 160k ki so i did ssj this time he standed up and they told me it was ssj2 wuts the difference of ssj2 and ssj1???
  8. D2

    Gohan SSJ2

    Heej Peep's I've been workin on a Gohan SSJ2 model and I would appreciate if people could give me some hints, draw overs to help me improve it. or just plain o'll critisize it ;) here is a FlatShade Click to Enlarge And here is a Smooth Shade Click to Enlarge Poly count is...
  9. MajinDruu

    Broly? SSJ2?

    There's been a big debate about this on the Brolly release thread so , Lets continue the discussion in a friendly manner where its on topic eh guys?
  10. .Maze

    Gohan SSJ2 Scattershot (i dunno the right name)

    well in one of the Cell Games Episode you see Gohan ssj2 fight against the cell jr. And he does something like that. Hes standing there lifting his Arms up and shoots lots of Ki balls and they kill cell jr. The idea is when your SSJ2 Gohan you should get this as an attack. When your using it...
  11. D

    The SSJ2 aura in 1.3

    How do you like the SSJ2 aura will be? 1.A permanent aura with only lightnings (see picture no. 1): picture number 1 2.A permanent aura with lightnings+normal ssj aura (see picture no. 2): picture number 2 3.Not permanent normal ssj aura. 4.Not permanent aura with only...
  12. J

    Ssj2 Trans Sound O.o

    This is a quote from freedoms dev journal go there to listen to it. Freedom GREAT WORK i love it, it fits perfectly and has great quality :laff:
  13. A

    SSJ2 Majin Vegeta from Budokai2 Reverted

    ^_^ And the download is Here Credits are: Dansan, Tridan, Dream Killer This is ESF 1.2 Compatable. No slice models
  14. Damaera

    SSJ2 Majin Vegeta from Budokai2 Reverted

    ^_^ And the download is Here Credits are: Dansan, Tridan, Dream Killer This is ESF 1.2 Compatable. No slice models
  15. RAZIEL

    SSJ2 Aura Effect???

    in the newer version of esf when/if new transformations are added are the SSJ2 aura gonna be lik ein the series u know surgeing power i did DL an effect buh it was abit naff?
  16. R

    A few ideas USSJ And SSJ2 - What do you think?

    Alright... here goes I was really bored in World History today so I started to day dream about things that could be implemented into ESF in 1.3 and on. 1) USSJ Transformation - I was thinking about instead of adding SSJ2, USSJ should be added first. (Or maybe both, but that would be more...
  17. D


    Do you guys know how to change to SSJ2 ?
  18. Diablos

    SSJ2 Vegeta (Replacement for 1.2 SSJ)

    Super Vegeta (Replacement for 1.2 SSJ) [Edit: Super Vegeta, not SSJ2 Vegeta ;)] Hey guys, long time lurker here! Just registered a new account under my ingame name (better than the old one, heh). Well, onto topic.. I was playing ESF last night and my 56k decided to hang on long enough for...
  19. C

    PT SSj2 Gohan

    munch munch!!1
  20. C

    ssj2 vegeta

    A while ago a ssj2 vegeta was posted that ESF said they will use in 1.3. Now that you have a new vegeta, what will happen to that one? It would still be nice to release as a extra though, i loved it. :)