1. phrack50

    Super Hero Squad Online

    Super Hero Squad Online, where you select your squad of heroes from thousands of inhabitants in the Marvel Universe, then join forces with other squads to defend Super Hero City from the forces of evil! Come and play Super Hero Squad Online at www.HeroUp.com! Everyone in North America can...
  2. frsrblch

    Squad Broken! - Dark Crusade arrives

    I've spent a little time playing both races now (but mainly Necron) and so far I like what I see. I'm not going to go in-depth - that's what reviews are for - but it's pretty cool. The Necron Warriors are cost no power to produce (power being the Necron's only resource), but take considerable...
  3. GhostfaceKillah

    Thuggin Sig (GFK Squad)

    http://www.deviantart.com/view/3119324/ If it looks stretchy, refresh...
  4. Death The Jedi

    Post your first PS thing

    There's mine.. it was called Apparations.. post yours
  5. I

    goten model

    the gohan model didnt look too good.. so im starting on my second model which will be goten... it looks good to me so far since its my second model ever.. well enjoy
  6. I

    Sub Squad

    ive came out with a squad... If anyone is interested in joining the sub squad pm me or post in the thread
  7. DJ-Ready

    [-=S2k=-] is back!

    yeah, we are back ... but now as mapping squad! do i need to say more? :devgrin: http://www.S2k.de.tt
  8. Death The Jedi

    Silence Means Everything

    I made my first photo manip.. inspired by TimTheEnchantor and by the song "Ghost Man On Third" by Taking back sunday.. how do you guys think it looks?
  9. S

    bojack trunks finished

    ok heres the pic of the final trunks in my version.
  10. V

    pr0 Squad

    Anbody with the pr0 squad I wanted to know if you had a spot left for a modeler Or a trainee modeler, I have made a Johnny the Homicidal maniac model and the Spawn model, I really would be good at edits, but I dont know how to edit characters using other characters parts in milkshape but I...
  11. Big Kyle

    The Pr0 Squad

    Ok everyone thats asking us to be in the Pr0 Squad, enough. This is not a Recruting thing, its only gunna be us, unless Pr0 wants one of his buddies in. We get tells from alot of you guys asking to be in, it aint gunna happen. Im sorry but it aint, even if you like all his models and skins...
  12. A

    Piccolo Model (High Quality)

    Hey There, We're working on a very nice Piccolo model, we need help with it.. so far we've done is his head, his cape and his shoulder pads... so we might need some serious help... You can check out the pictures on: Http://www.dignity4life.com/esf/development.htm So if you think you can...
  13. R

    Taking animations and other files

    Does anyone know how and what all files I would need to take from a mod... to get it to work on HL? If all I did was modeled, and skinned the modeled... does anyone know what I would need? Thanks