1. Greychan

    Sprites lag

    Ever since I started playing ESF on my new laptop I've had this lag caused by the sprites shining on other surfaces. In other words, when I transform in midair or shoot a beam away from any thing else in the map, everything's fine. However, if I transform near the ground, or shoot a beam near...
  2. xShadowZx

    My Sprite Work :D

    Hey everyone:) i just wanted to show u some examples of my work:) Hope u guyz like it;) any comment is welcomed:) Death Ball Final Flash Galick Gun Aura Kamehameha v1 Masenko Charge Spirit Bomb v1 Spirit Bomb v2 SSJ4 Kamehameha (10x kame)...
  3. D

    Kami's Palace's Cloud's Sprites

    The map is great. But the cloud sprites are kinda ugly. :/
  4. M

    Esf Sprites folder

    In the sprite folder What files are this I mean what files make the bar the ki bar and etc...
  5. $

    Kame Torpedo sprites???????

    It seems that while i was changing the sprites for the kamehameha wave i altered the kame torpedo sprite. If anyone has the sprites i would appreciate it if u could provide a link.......kinda noobish when it comes to the configuring
  6. KYnetiK

    Scaling Beam Sprites with AMXX

    Hey, Im curious as to how i can manipulate the sizes of my beam sprites using amxx. I basically want to scale up the trail, beamhead and beamstart sprites for particular attacks. I know how to refer to particular attacks, and swap/change the sprites, but i dont understand how to manipulate the...
  7. Y

    HUD Sprites

    Hi there. I want to know what sprites are the ones that shows the KI, Senzu beans etc (that at southwest corner) and the ones that appears when we charge a beam. Thanks =)
  8. The Deco

    How do you enlarge sprites with photoshop 8.0?

    How do you enlarge sprites with photoshop 8.0?
  9. The Deco

    Are the current beam sprites gonna be the default?

    Are the current beam sprites gonna be the default for ESF 1.3?
  10. The Deco

    People want big sprites people dont want big sprites solution?

    I thought about a solution for this so let me hear you (reply, no I won't use exclamation mark because people will start throwing curses at me with no reason and it didn't happened to me before but for others it did, what is so wrong, it makes the title more bold, same for capital letters)...
  11. G

    Turbo sprites

    hey can someone post me a link on where i can DL turbo sprites? {sry if i posted in thw wrong place o_o}
  12. 4nubiS


    k another idea.... 1) at my opinion all of the esf series are kinda...ermm ''dull'' , the trans. goes to easy , while ur SUPPOSED to see thunder , earthquakes around ur characters area , flying trees or stuff.. ( that was no.1 ) 2) while beam struggling u should make it look more cool...
  13. Tenzo

    wave sprites

    can some new sprites for the waves(kameha,gallic gun...etc) be done? something more realistic and thicker... what do you think?
  14. Tenzo

    wave sprites

    can some new sprites for the waves(kameha,gallic gun...etc) be done? something more realistic and thicker... what do you think?
  15. D

    Where do i change sprites?

    I overwrite the sprites in steamapps/name/dedicated server/esf/sprites Then i restarted my server But i wont see them in my own server, Where do i change them?
  16. S

    Sprites missing

    sprites/voiceicon.spr is missing, where can i get it? i looked on the FAQ but i didnt find anything about it so...
  17. soundmaster

    how to had sprites without change the source codes?

    i know you can had a new sound for a model without modified the sources code , just by modified the .qc of the models with lines codes ; but i like to know how to had a new sprites for any animation sequence , like a start sprite for vegeta big bang attaq or for some new effect , and then how to...
  18. Theoboy

    Making sprites

    How do I make sprites for ESF 1.2.3?
  19. G

    Playing with Sprites

    I used to do sprite fights all the time but I haven't done one in so long. I decided to make a couple today just for fun and I wanted to know how they were. Let me know what you guys think. http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/6628/cellvstrunks5le.gif...
  20. U

    Custom Sprites?

    I downloaded a custom sprite, which came in .mdl format. Am i supposed to replace another .mdl file with it? I replaced one in the models catagory, and the game became glitchy. Please help. Thank you.
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