1. EvolutionX

    ESF Splash Screen

    Hi. I want to ask how its looking the splash screen in esf final. (If can with screen shots plsease :D)
  2. The Deco

    Water splash blah blah blah

    OK, it is maybe possible to implement some good **** water splash. I know it has crossed the minds of people, it is just a technical note I want to mention: When you throw a grenade in water in Day of Defeat(not Source) the grenade explodes and then there is a (I'd say) very good splash...
  3. SSJ4boneVegeta

    My first plugin - Water Splash W.I.P

    So couple months ago I said on the forum that i'd make a plugin where when thrown into a body of water, it would splash. Since then in April I stopped after having a bit of success with the coding. I've now picked it back up and have picked up where I left off with the coding. Most of the coding...
  4. D

    Blocking Splash

    I believe that, while blocking, you should also block splash damage from nearby sources. Maybe to balance it out a bit, it deals ki damage. One of the more annoying things about the current system is that blockstruggling is not really useful. Who's going to waste Ki and give their opponent a...
  5. D

    Splash Damage

    Question... Can you start blocking to avoid splash damage? I'd heard that if you block, it's turned into ki damage instead of health damage...is this right?
  6. S

    Water splash

    It would be nice if there would be a water splash effect. When you throw an opponent into the river it makes a really big splash! The harder you throw, the bigger splash it makes. And there should be a sound for the splash. What do you think?
  7. Grega

    Splash damage

    Been a long time since i had one of theese :p Firstly i know that 90% (probably more) of this comunity agrees that beamspam is a problem on the servers. So i came up with an idea (some may see that i already mentiond this in other threads^^). So basicly beamspam is only a problem as long as...
  8. Suh Dude

    Splash woosh, woosh!

    New mod, new splash. :O
  9. K

    Splash thing...

    Yes I made this cuz I R bak from DC.
  10. TeKNiK

    W.I.P. Splash

    I was bored this morning and I started a new project and photoshop and just started airbrushing and 2 1/2 hours later this is what I've come up with.. Original W.I.P: Updated W.I.P: There is a reason as to why I have chosen to stop right here for now. I'm out of ideas more or less...
  11. D

    New splash

    Or two... First one, render made by Kairi, thanks much Kairi ^^ obviously an underwater theme, I think it looks pretty cool if I do say so myself. What are your thoughts eh? Title for this one wasn't super clever, but hell, it gets the job done does it not? This one's sort of a wp, but oh well...
  12. I

    Morrowind mod splash

    http://www.angelfire.com/dragon/imptaimer/workstuff/morrowsig.jpg (copy&paste if you cant see it) I've been working on a plugin for morrowind and made this out for fun. It's nothing fancy, just something to remind me to work on my mod. The plugin adds asians to the game. I'm just using stuff...
  13. X

    Rambo Splash

    lol I must have made this when I was half awake this morning. But anyways does it look good at all?
  14. CM

    DBNG The Series Splash, and a Vegeta Poster

    Yeah, i posed a vegeta (brollmans edit, with a whole lot of proportional tweaks and baggy pants and a body reskin along with a boot recollor and tweak, credits to turk, brollman, and thats it.) this will hopefully be our vegetatatata and a splash, for if i ever make a dbng site, i will...
  15. E

    New splash

  16. X

    Console Background Splash

    We were trying to make a BG splash (the picture is done) and tried to compile using qlumpy and we got this error: *1 line of code, probably pic name* is too long to be a lump name. the picture is: -256 colour -640 x 480 (also tried 320 x 200 like the tutorial said) -Is a Bitmap We...
  17. D

    MY PFX Splash Screen

    Well...I made ALL of it EXCEPT for the Gundam in the middle. o_o
  18. stiffdog

    can i please use the esf splash screen?

    Can i use the splash screen 4 esf as a background to my site?
  19. -ThrillKill-

    Counter-Strike Splash Image

    Recently a friend of mine began constructing the newest version of his Counter-Strike pack which he lovingly calls the Pingmaster Pack. Using his alias as the pack's title, he has created a very interesting bundle of custom models, animations, and sounds, all dug up out of the vastness of the...
  20. E

    -Prowler-lumination | Wallpaper |

    Just learning bryce, and on the way doing that just making some wallpapers... Comments ?