1. vinay87

    Same spawn point? kamehouse map

    Every time i play the kamehouse map, and add a bot without moving from near Roshi, poof... it says I died of worldspawn. wtf. Happens even when a player joins when I don't move from there. Like there's no other spawn point on that map.
  2. M

    Spawn II ?

  3. -Origin

    My shot at a Spawn sig. o_o

    Yeah I wanted to work on a sig some more but couldn't think of a stock to use... then I came across the Spawn thread and figured Spawn is a kickass character to use.. so yeah. Here it is. I.. kinda like it.. myself. o_o
  4. Suh Dude

    Spawn o/

    I made this for my guitar friend Kevin lol, C&C. :cool:
  5. Suh Dude

    Spawn \o/

    I made this for my guitar friend Kevin lol, C&C. :cool:
  6. dan_esf_fanatic

    One spawn point on esf_guru.

    I've noticed that when I put the bots to idle, and add a couple of ultimate bots, they sometimes spawn on the same spawn point on the map esf_guru. Not all the times, but it happens. And when it does, the bots kill themselves :laff: . When I hit them on that spawn point, I die too. I've noticed...
  7. dan_esf_fanatic

    Is invulnerable time after spawn really neccessary?

    A lot of times when I play ESF I get really pissed that I have to wait four seconds to deal any damage at all (when I join a server, not when I create mine). So I was thinking: "Is it really neccessary?" I think it shouldn't be in ESF 1.3, what do you think? P.S. I just played my very first...
  8. Suh Dude

    SPAWN o/

    c&c =O!
  9. K


    Dunno if this should go in here or newb central, but this is about ESF and will prolly get a better chance of response. Im not spawning. Ever. It is like auto spawn isn't on, but clicking doesn't make you spawn either. The only was I can spawn again is to choose another character. I...
  10. C

    Spawn sig

    well i have had this for a while and just never showed it to anyone, so im looking for some c&c i guess.... :] should be fixed
  11. T

    Spawn Bug / Trowing question / swoop sound gone ?

    Sometimes when i spawn i am stuck . Or i spawn under the map :s Is there a way to block Trowing ? In a previeuw i heard evry time u swoopted a cool sound but its not in the release how come ?
  12. U

    New map Idea. (sick of Spawn Killers)? read this.

    ok, im sick of getting killed every round, when you die some one from say evil team is waiting at ur base to cheap easy kill you, i think that the enemy team is not aloud were you spawn there should be a sheild of some sort, when you leave your sheild you are not aloud to go back in it unless...
  13. dbrulz72

    First Model: Spawn

    First Model Edit: Spawn Well after seeing how many people are so great at modeling, I decided to give it a try.(Its already finished) edit:Credits go to some guy named MastaDiablo or something like that.
  14. B

    halo on players heds at spawn

    can dudes wit te rings on there heds atk wile invurnible or only trans/look around o_O cause i cant rid mysef of te thought of maken som noobie hit me wit his charged beem when i spawn then giv him 5 secs of a living hel :p
  15. T

    Spawn WIP

    Well heres a model I been working on. Its about 30% completed and its suppose to be spawn from the comic book. right now its about 1000 polies and im sparing a lot because the cape is going to be like 3000 not inluding all the chains. ill show progress soon.
  16. T


    Yea Well I had some problems with my college so im home for a few weeks till I get back on my feet. Im suppose to be getting this job with a animation company named EXoCOS Entertainment. But atm im still working on my modeling skillz. tell me what your guys think. I like to thank turk and...
  17. I

    spawn wip

    this is an early early EARLY WIP thnx to sourcerer for hosting it because my angelfire account is acting up.. wouldnt let me sign in... creditz: milkshape for the program google for the supporting ref image me for making the small small wip sourcerer for hosting ppl like you for...
  18. Jonesdaniel

    5 Second Spawn Invincibility

    Well, as everyone knows, spamming the spawn points has become a big problem on maps such as afm, so how about it? (Sorry if its been suggested before, but i couldnt find anything about it)
  19. NeLo

    My Spawn Sig

    Well guys, im at it again. This time i made a spawn sig. So give me critz. Btw yes i know its not the original Spawn. This is called the Angel Spawn. Edit:i removed the "Spawn" name in it. I may get someone else to help me get rid of that cuz its too obvious.. O_o
  20. Z

    new Spawn sig

    Crits please