1. Skyrider

    Huge Free Software List

  2. A

    Professional software and tools for traders

    ========================================= Greetings, I wish to share with you the collection of links concerning Internet trading, the finances, loans and work in the forex market. Link removed Link removed Link removed Link removed Link removed Link removed Link removed Link...
  3. Skyrider

    Software List Virus Problem

    Does anyone knows this virus that "effects" your Software removal list? My friend is having some problems with it. Check these images:
  4. ZeroNightmare

    Audio Editing Software

    is there any program that i can use to like... remove the vocals from a song, like editing sound waves and removing them or something :O oh help me out. i'm fairly sure its possible
  5. X

    Best P2P Software?

    I just wanted to see what is the best P2P software in you opinion. :)
  6. V

    Need help with vid card software

    i just got an ATI 9600se 128mb AGP for x-mas. And in the manual,it has intructions to find the chipset manufacturer, we found that easy enough. but when we went to the manufacturer website to get the agp drivers the manual said we needed to install before putting the card in(i've been using a...
  7. J

    Which is the best software??

    I want to know wich is the best software to do models and skins and plz free softwares!!!
  8. R

    WHICH is the best and easy to use software for modeling :)

    so want to tell me :) i want in .... lol Let me know post the software name and why :D
  9. M

    Vegeta suggestion and Gohan que And model software

    Hello... I am spending verry much time playing ESF but i keep missing one BIG thing in esf beta 1.1 and that is that you dont see a ball in vegeta`s hand when he is loading his Big Bang Attack (in ssj mode). I hope that you will add it in the next ESF version... And now about my Gohan...
  10. N

    SHAREware Modeling soft. +My Question..

    Okay so I found a great site/directory for free-ware and share-ware, modeling soft. I'm thinking of just registering MS3D cause its really easy to use, but this could be helpful for you guys, because they have directories for FREE modeling...
  11. S


    post links to your favorite sites for plugins/ links to the most useful plugins you know. please specify what program its for as i'll make a list on this post eventually. i'll have my favorites up soon 3dsm: simcloth-a great plugin which allows for realistic cloth very quickly examples and...
  12. Damaera


    How can I get Milkshape 3d for free? Sorry if this is talking warez or whatever
  13. A

    Modeling Software

    Can anybody send me it broadband only please. Maybe we can trade for something games/software or whatever. ** no warez kthx ** (S-Bolt--)
  14. Scorcher2k

    Restart Server software crashes

    The software that my friend uses to automatically restart a server seems to crash esf instantly. Without it we're forced to manually restart the server every 3 hours of so. I know for a fact that the esf server's crash from time to time and I was wondering what software they use to restart...
  15. K


    what is the best lvl editing software for hl? from a newbie editor:scared:
  16. V

    Model / Skin editors

    K i have decided that i want to try and make a kid goku pack a a chalange for myself. Since i think no one has tryed it. But i need a good model editing software. Can anyone help me it would be most apreciated. :D
  17. M

    What program would I need for sigs?

    like wut program would I need or which program is good to use?
  18. Enforcer ICE

    Map request (if this has been done or something similar, please let me know)

    I just finished playing ape_city courtesy of Bio_Brolly, and I fell in love with that building he made with the breakable glass, and elevator doors. However esf_city is still my fav. map. my Request is basically esf_city or something very closely resembling it, with alot of buildings that have...
  19. Fenumeher

    list of tutorials

    just to help, here is a list of some sites with tutorials for photoshop and some others! Adobe Photoshop -
  20. G

    ESF in software

    please help me!!!! im have an old computer which i am running ESF on and it does not alwats work. i am using software because i dont have open gl, or direct 3d. the problems are that when i try to do certain attacks or when i try to go SSJ or transform with any character it cuts out. :cry...