1. RobiZ

    Sites or softwares others must check out.

    Please share some cool, interesting, useful, etc. sites or programs(software,freeware,open source etc.), you think others should definitely at least see. I atm can't recall any, maybe i'll add something later. ^_^ NOTES: The sites or programs can't be silly, stupid.
  2. Skyrider

    Looking for an freeware Scanner Software

    Windows (using 7) has a default Scan/Fax option, but doesn't work on wireless printers. I was wondering if anyone knows an alternative. I prefer not using the software that came with the printer as, well.. It's rather cluttered. Regards, Sky
  3. Skyrider

    Looking for a good sync software

    I'm looking for a software which can sync specific files/directories to another part of my HDD. While keeping both intact, but only update the target, not the source. Anyone can recommend me a good free one?
  4. Skyrider

    XP Autorun function no longer works + possible handy dandy software?

    For some reason, the XP Autorun feature/function is no longer working when connecting USB devices such as a camera, MP3 player, etc. The weird thing is that it is enabled when I checked the XP functions, so I have no idea why it doesn't work anymore. So.. Any idea how to solve/fix this? I've...
  5. T

    Hi im making musics with Fl Studio (Software to make music) see if you like it

    heres the last music i posted on youtube: (by the way, the other musics where made with a Virtual guitar and Drums, but the last song was made with a real guitar so it will be more cooler But the guitar is a little laggy XD)
  6. Skyrider

    Outlook Export/Import software

    Does anyone knows a good free software out there that exports & imports Outlook data? And by data, I mean everything. Accounts, contacts, the emails, etc. I know I can do it manually, but for my internship I'm at currently it would be faster if I can do it much easier. I saw some p2u software...
  7. Flink_Power

    3D Software and texture

    Hi! I would like to make 3D and texture in Esf. But I cannot which software take and how to make use of it:-/ Could you advise me a simple software of 3D and texture has to use:confused: Thank's;)
  8. Skyrider

    Looking for a good remote software

    Anyone knows a good remote software that works really fast and is very stable? I really need to find a good one, which is of course not windows remote :p. Can be both freeware or shareware.
  9. T

    Recording Software

    Hi Guys I´m wondering if there is another recording software like fraps around which runs definatly on vista. I just installed the latest fraps but doesn´t make working movies for me. Also: How can i make the movies smaller after recording them? Fraps movies are around 400 mb for 30...
  10. J-Dude

    Mouse wheel stopped working (hardware, not software)

    Okay, been using the same reliable old mouse since I got my computer in 2005. And just today, I'm scrolling with it, and away goes the resistant clicking sound, and instantly it stops reacting to it. Figured out how to take the mouse apart and cleaned it out inside, all manner of hair in it...
  11. B

    Remember I asked about video editing/recording software?

    Well, I use fraps for video recording. I found it's the most useful because it records really high quality stuff but at a huge cost (gigabytes). Well I have downloaded a trial of Adobe Premier and it's great. I love it. It's simple, effective, extremely user friendly, and it does everything I...
  12. Damaera

    Capture Card Software

    Not sure if this goes in here or the Tech Bench, but whatever. I have an Avermededia 23888 Capture Card, and it didn't come with any software. I'm using DScaler, at the moment, but it sucks. The moment I attempt to record my footage, it just fucks up. Does anybody have any good Capture Card...
  13. Skyrider

    Good Download Software?

    I'd like to have a good download software. And please, no FireFox or any of its addons. I'm rather tired of downloading through firefox, I keep having problems.
  14. S

    Music software

    Been a long time winamp user, since I've got my new computer I've been using windows media player, and am finding it a bit lack luster, however i find the equaliser and some of the menu's a bit more user friendly. I'm just wondering what do you guys use for your music? any good programs out...
  15. MinioN

    Software suggestion

    I was searching about softwares for making 3D games and I found this: I dont know to work with it.But i suggest it because it seems really good.Check it out. P.S if anyone can work with it plz help me :scared:
  16. veqeta

    Are there any good free anti virus software out there?

    Hey just wondering if there was some better ones that norton anti virus out there for download, it just seems like norton can't get rid of everything. Free ones that is... lol.
  17. Keef

    Vista + HL + ESF = software mode??

    Hi all, i was just wondering if any body had a fix for this, when i try to play HL or ESF it goes in to crappy software rendering. and if i change it to Open GL, its a no go and give me errors and goes back to software mode. I have just built a new computer and havent yet tryed to see if i...
  18. A

    I am seek for popular software for SEO!!!

    Give me link to SEO software (promotion, advertisement, etc.). I'm need it to promote my new e-shop. Thanks.
  19. M

    Music CD Burning Software

    Could anyone recommend some good Music Cd burning software, please.
  20. Skyrider

    Huge Free Software List

    3D: Anim8or Blender gmax Maya Personal Learning Ed. Now3D SOFTIMAGE|XSI EXP Anti Spyware: Ad-aware Diet K HijackThis SpyBot Search & Destroy SpywareBlaster SpywareGuard XCleaner IRC: BersIRC Chatzilla HydraIRC kVIRC MIRC TinyIRC XChat Visual IRC Anti-spam programs: K9 MailWasher POPFile...
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