1. MaX

    Hi everyone Leting all know about this.

    im just starting on a map and its gonna be called esf_buu.. it takes place where there on the way to try to stop buu but they have to fight threw 3 fights :) dabura yakon and pweepwee.. takes place out side of that 2 :D.. ill post pics on another thread or somthing :).. off to go start map...
  2. V

    Capsule Map

    Hey I was wondering has anyone made a Map that looks like the inside of a capsule? If not could someone make one please. Im thinking like the inside of the capsule that Vegeta trained in, but large enough to actually fight in. Like S2K's snakeway map wher you can go into king kais house maybe...
  3. Morrone

    Raise The Sky Or We All Die!

    WHen I say this I dont think I am the only one. It gets quiet difficult to play this game in fly mode with such a small ceiling. You can so easily hit the top and when you do you can no longer fire beams and it greatly impairs your vision making you a helpless target. You may think it will...
  4. K

    No sky texture and no ROSAT textures!

    Since the help room wont give me a responce, i'll say i fixed esf. but now there's no sky textures! Nothing there at all. And nothing in the ROSAT level! PLEASE help me!
  5. Skyrider

    Sky bug!

    When i get in a map, ( any map ) i see skins, clothes, faces in every sky and every map, first i didnt knew what whas wrong, But i changed the video to OPENGL ,, then all those skins and stuff were gone in the sky! Is this a Direct3d problem?
  6. B

    My first Sig

    Is this a good sig? Its my first one
  7. S

    Compiling errors...

    After seeing al the eyecandy in the beta I also want to make maps. So I've searched a tutorial and began workin'. I've tried to make a big room just to try out making a working map. So i made me a big room and added the following entries: - 10 info_good_start - 10 info_evil_start - 1...
  8. T

    Help with my maps.

    Well i got a problem. I can see the walls of the maps. And sometimes it won't show up the skyboxes. Anybody help please......
  9. P

    How do you put a damn Sky in Valve Hammer?

    I finished my map but I do not know how to put a sky..
  10. T

    Esf Max Graphics

    Hey I took a look at the screenshots u have on the website, first off On ur SCreenie of ROSAT What is that, i see a sky with clouds and there's ACTUALLY a difference betweent he sky and the floor And some of ur screenies i see shadows and sunlight I have a High end comp I'd like to know how...
  11. B

    My Map

    hi guys i got a problem what my map i got all LAGS in my map how get i it out i can zwem out my map !!! can some whan help my ? i hef pud funce_wall pud bud it not help!
  12. [RAW]Fusion

    How do you add a custom sky?

    i downloaded a skybox file called and i was wondering where i place the file? i found in hammer it just says 'enviromentmap cl_skyname' and then a box and i was wondering does the file i mentioned go in C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\esf\gfx\env because there are no files of that type in there...
  13. DJ-Ready


    Ok, i just finished S2k_Snakeway ... I think i dont need to tell much about it ^^ here´s a screenie download it at ^^ .. in the downloads section ^^ EDIT umm ok .. i 4got to something while making the zip if u...
  14. M


    I have no sky in the game
  15. S

    Sky problems

    Well this is obvious, but when u fly into the sky the ground tends to disappear and makes it hard to see anything. I realised that this can easily be fixed by putting clip brushes inside the map, and restricting the player to reach the sky. it works
  16. V


    skyname help know this may sound stupid but could someone give me the skynames?
  17. N

    Cant see the sky..

    everytime i create a map, i can't see the sky, i've tried installing it over 3 times and still no luck.......any help would be hopeful thanks.
  18. Rebirah

    sky is square and I can see different textures in the sky too.

    What the subject says.... ^^^^ If you need to know... I have a geforce 2 mx 200 and use opengl mode heres a pic of the square sky ill put a oic of the textures in the sky later..
  19. C

    Sky distortion

    All my sky is, is the ground from below being strecthed onto the sky, like sometimes when u drag a window on the internet and there is mass lag. It constantly makes my character model/tree/moutains/etc. appera in the sky and constantly repeat themselves. It cause me mass lag, and I can't tell...
  20. USJTrunks

    Teh Sky Is Fallin!!!11 Ono!!1 Click it!