1. S

    Sky Map?

    I would love having a mid air map, where you can duke it out among the clouds... I mean, there would be white fluffy clouds, but inside all the fluff there's an invisible platform, so if you fly runs out you can land on one of those. In the distance you should be able to see Kami's tower...
  2. V

    Alternate Background, lovely!

    I've been annoyed by esf_namek_3's background so I changed it. Check it out. I might even release it to the public. Doubtful though. <MRA> esf_namek_3 alternate background -VideoGamerJ
  3. MrMasj

    Esf_Tournament Prosses Status

    I did find out thats it was time to post a new post in here this will send information about how the Esf_Tournament Beta projekt is working new ideas are welcome for the map projekt. The map you will se pics from arent the lastest versíon and are printed in the Esf Alpha version the map scale...
  4. NightShade

    blue sky

    maps look great just a prob. I really hate the blue sky it is bright and hurts my eyes sometimes lol. is there a way i can change the sky of the map to the night one?
  5. S

    noob needs help

    i'm a bit of a noob and im makeing a map and well 1 i can't make sky how do you do that with worldcraft? and how do i compile my map to bsp???
  6. S

    how to add the dammn sky!

    how could i add the sky? i only know that i must go to "maps änd than "map properties" but than whut i have to do?? plz help me:cry:
  7. D

    Check in station W.I.P

    im (very slowly) working on a map for esf, its of the check in station, where you go when you die here is my refence photo: im still a noob to mapping so dont expect anything fancy, im thinking of making it scaled down because i think the...
  8. S

    How Do I Add The Sky!

    Can u please tell me how i put a sky in my map
  9. DiebytheSword White Sky Fix

    Hope that helps guys. *busts out glue gun
  10. DiebytheSword White Sky Fix

    Hope that helps guys. *busts out glue gun
  11. DiebytheSword White Sky Fix

    Hope that helps guys. *busts out glue gun
  12. AscendantSaiyan

    Map Suggestion. Not an Idea.

    Could u use a previous HL or any other mods map if u extented the roof of it. It might be hard due to the rescaleing, different textures, and probally mapping stuff i dont know about WC (although i have mapped for Deus Ex with UnrealEd if u interest in see it mail me) anyways i havent...
  13. E


    How can i change sky in ESF???
  14. G

    Top Of Maps ??

    when i get to close to the top of the map and i fire a beam down it hits invisble air and blows up .... kinda annoyin havin a fully charged FF firing it and havin it explode for no reason ( ps this also happens on the ground )
  15. E

    more maps are on the way

    just to give all you mappers a lil update out there. Zero and I are working on our own maps for some new game ideas. such as cap the dragon ball. One I have been working on is a rampage map. the evil team goes into a city and starts destroying everthing including people which i hope we can...