1. Mkilbride

    *RED ALERT* GTX580, the fastest single GPU, on sale for only 370$! Putting it within 5-6$ of the 6970, ATi's fastest single GPU. You also get PhysX, CUDA, and the...
  2. SS4 Gogeta

    Eiffel Tower no longer single I m not exactly sure what to say:\..........congratz I guess:]
  3. dan_esf_fanatic

    Every single XBOX 360 produced is DEFECTIVE....

    Source: I guess this is why Microsoft extended their warranties. So as long as it lasts, return the damn thing and get your money back. Friggin' Microsoft, I knew they'd **** up sooner or later.
  4. C

    Help me ! no single player mode..

    Uhmmm HELP ME PLZ! Somebody can tell me were can i download the 1.3???? because i have the 1.2.3 version.. BTW.. somebody can tell me were can i download the single player for this game?..because i don't got it THNX!:laff:
  5. kidingo

    What about a single player game?

    I think u should add a single pler adventure to 1.3! I been waiting for a DBZ mod like that!:talk:
  6. ace005

    Single Player DBZ

    I read in a thread, that ESF will never have a single-player mode, and Grega(i think) said there are alot of other mods for singleplayer..... Could u give me an example please?:D, cause I've been searching, and I didn't find anything...
  7. dan_esf_fanatic

    Single Player for ESF.

    Just dreaming over here....zzzzzzzzz......but wouldn't it be cool if there would be a single player mode for ESF, fighting all the battles of Dragon Ball Z. I know it'll never happen but a guy can dream, can't he? So whattaya say? Would it be cool?
  8. S

    Could a thousand nukes > a single, but huge meteor?

    I got this idea from the other thread and also hope to have the discussion shift over here. What do you think would be more disasterous? To me, a nuclear explosion, while impressive, is just small in scale to the rest of the world. Not only that, but they are more wind and heat with some...
  9. JasonX

    Single player mode?

    Guys you know what i really want??? of dbz mods a single player mode so you can play like in a story of dbz and beat frieza ginyu cell and and.18 like that so my question is........... if 1.3 is released could that be possible to do that in esf ?????? :D
  10. S

    Single Player

    Hi, i would like to know if the Dev, team has any plans to put a single player mode in ESF? it would be soooo cool to have an SP mode. BTW i really like ESF.
  11. Mr. Satans

    ASUS N7800 GT DUAL - 7800 SLI on a SINGLE CARD

    If you haven't heard, ASUS has made a gfx card that is basically a 2-in-1 SLI. Check it out --> I love how it outperforms it's 2 card counter-part even if it is slightly.
  12. N

    Can I play ESF Single player without internet?

    Can I play ESF singer player mode without internet? Please explain to me how I can play Singe player mode in ESF please :(
  13. Not So SSJ

    Half Life Single Player.....

    I decided the other day that i'd play through the single player of the original half life while waiting for hl2 to come out. After playing for hardly anytime at all i noticed bugs. Bugs everywhere dammit. At loading screens our favourite hero in the orange suit would stick to the floor or wall...
  14. D

    Single player mode.

    Would it be possible that Esf could be Single player mode? Like you would be do the dbz saga's and stuff.
  15. @lv/n

    Single Player story mode.....

    I think they should put a single player story mode, specific matches with bots (no need for new characters, the ones existing are fine) and I want to know your opinion about it!
  16. D

    Using ESF in single player?

    hi, just wondering if it is possible to play with ESF in the original HL maps, (with the monsters etc) or something simialr (not just like normal bots) but like Svencoop where u can team up with others to fight monsters. or at least is it possible to have a map thats like "Stadium3" from...
  17. E

    EsF SinGle PLYA????? WTF

    :( yeah some guy told me on msn that someone is making a single player esf???? is this the esf team or some random people??... could some please tell me.???
  18. A

    Single Player

    I Have an Idea for ESF most likely at a later date: Single Player You could have the different sagas and stuff.... I think it would be cool
  19. Hexus

    Single PLayer??

    hi again, my second post(WOW) (oh, can you please read my other topic so you can help me? anywho, is there any way of playing single, in Soldier Of Fortune 2, theres this mod called Jeel ops, and you can play against other...
  20. G

    Single Player

    I had been informed that the way to get into single player was through the console by typing /map mapname. When I type that everything works out (With the exception of an Invalid TrackerUI.dll error) and sends me to the screen to choose my character. I choose it and it sends me back to the...