1. Damaera

    New Signature

  2. nemix12

    My Signature

    do you like it :P?
  3. M

    KIllzone Signature

    This is a signature that I recently made to be an entry for a contest.
  4. kam!

    Rate that Signature ZERO; the prequel to the award winning series!

    You know how it works. Rate the signature of the user above you x/10. Feel free to leave comments. gogogo
  5. esfman


    Can someone make me a signature please. That says esfman on the top right ssj5 broly somewhere like this YouTube - SSJ5 Broly (awesome pic!) DBAF (Dragonball AF). :)
  6. Capo Loks


    Hey if there anyone dat can help me with asignature or maybe make one for me, it would be greatly appreciated. credit will be issued... thnx :smile:
  7. elNarr

    Rate the signature above you yet again.

    I know mine's pretty old, but i am extremely bored right and don't have photoshop on this laptop now. Let's get this thing going, shall we? Use 0 / 10 ratings and compliments, criticism to back up your rating.
  8. M

    1 Signature

    Here is a signature that I made for another forum.
  9. Damaera

    Signature Request Thread

    Hey, I'm willing to make signatures for people who request them. Other people are free too. Request whatever you want, and someone or I will make one. This is kind of like the request thread in the Model and Mapping forum.
  10. -Origin

    Made this simple looking signature.. yeah.

    Been playing a lot of Stalker lately, with some mods.. got the idea from there.
  11. -Origin


    Been a while. Had some help from friends to get the random image to load. There's 4 different signatures. I like it.
  12. -Origin

    Latest signature.

    I really, really like how this one turned out. Big thanks to MF29 for suggesting transparency, I never even would've finished it if it wasn't for his suggestion.
  13. -Origin

    A new signature.

    Crits, comments?
  14. AmoN

    Espada #8 signature

    i give up border wont show.. for ****ing **** sake
  15. vinay87


    Final version. That is, considering its perfect now. For credits: The BG, well its my own. Thank heavens. But I usually overuse my own bgs, after the usual tinkering. The stock. I seldom see credits for the stock here. Anyway, Since I'm really happy with this piece and wish to use it...
  16. Damaera

    Signature I made, please rate.

    Please rate :)
  17. -Origin

    New old signature.

    Cropped it from a bigger piece to be honest. :o
  18. M

    Toonami Signature

  19. M

    Shadow of Chernobyl Signature

    I know that I've had this signature for about a week now, but I figured that I should see what people have to say about it. I haven't been improving in my artistic abilities which at this point I'm concluding it has to do with me never presenting my signature work for criticism.
  20. -Origin

    Latest signature.

    Crits, comments?