1. Son Gogeta


    Alright so I'd like someone to make a Gif for my signature. It has to be Gogeta. No GT bullshit. Like in that scene from Fusion Reborn.
  2. Aurum

    Do you like this signature?

    You're free to use it. The link is:<---Add an f there! And yes I made the gif my self.
  3. IceX

    Shadi's signature... he's a douche

    OK, here's the whole story. Shadi asked me to find a render for a signature, because he wanted a new one... so I behaved like a good boy and gave him login info of my PREMIUM account on, and few days later I made him a signature with Luffy from Onepiece. Ok so where is the...
  4. Michno

    A new signature.

    Give me some cons and pros guys :D Remember i'm new to this :D
  5. Mous4u

    New Signature! (its one i worked hard on.. what a change! xD)

    xD.. Yeah.. i'm a massive Gohan-Fanboy.. anyway You're probaly thinking "OMGZ MOUS4U'Z CAN USE PHOTOSHOPZ NOW!!!" lol xD yeah... :)
  6. DiebytheSword

    Signature limits or lack thereof

    Good evening ESF. We are at an impasse once again and require your help. We removed most sig limitations on filesize and kept content based rules in place hoping that you would behave. One or two of you are already pushng the boundaries of reasonable. To that end, we want to know what...
  7. Slofreak

    How to insert a video into a signature?

    basicly as the title says how can i insert a video avi or quicktime mov. into a signature. I already tryed with ps cs4 but it always limits frames to 500. and video comes out laggy i used this Xilisoft AVI to MOV Converter 6 to convert it from avi to mov and than import it into ps. Is there a...
  8. omnomnom

    i cant see my signature lololol

    yup.... ---------- Double Post below was added at 12:08 AM has been merged with this post created 12:08 AM ---------- wait.... i see it..... its all good now... please delete....
  9. M

    Signature of the Week #4

    As before, you have until Friday to submit a signature with Saturday being the day of voting. Source: Full-Size: On the day of voting, in order for your vote to...
  10. -Origin

    Signature of the Week: Round III

    Woot, I'm hosting! This week's rules... are the same as the last two. Here's the render I suggest we use for this week: Enjoy.
  11. M

    Signature of the Week Results

    If this is going to be held on a weekly basis, then it might be a good idea to have a thread that keeps track of them all. So, if possible, can a moderator sticky this? Signature of the Week #1 -Origin: Signature of the Week #2 -Origin: Signature of the Week #3 None (canceled)...
  12. M

    How Do Dynamic Signature?

    Is there any way of making a dynamic signature without having to do PHP coding? (A dynamic signature is one that changes each time you refresh the page.)
  13. Painkiller

    "the signature above" game

    We had something similar named.. Basically reviving it is what I think What you need to do is this: Say what you think about the signature above your post.
  14. JediOreo

    my signature

    heres my new signature (Below) ---------- Double Post below was added at - 07:14 AM has been merged with this post created - 07:14 AM at ---------- i dont see is maybe its to big? ---------- Double Post below was added at - 07:18 AM has been merged with this post created - 07:14 AM at...
  15. Mous4u

    My Brand New Signature (Still Working On)

    okay i'm working on this signature useing a render you can see it now its still not done when its done it will look BEAUTIFUL! soo wish me luck on this signature
  16. Mous4u


    hey guys just want to drop by and say i got a new sign you can look at my signature its new and has Gohan SSj2 Planting a Kamehamehaaaaaaa i would write ESF And Stuff Lol but anyway you all got pro signature its pretty long now right lol.....:devil::fight::smile::rolleyes: lol smiles
  17. Viper

    Rate The Signature Above You | Part V

    I missed this, so here we go.
  18. Jariroth

    Gunnm(Battle Angel Alita) signature

    I only made this in a hurry to have atleast a new signature before coming back to the forums. Btw is this sig considered nudity because she actually doesnt have any clothes on? But then again she doesnt have any nipples or genitalia to show because she is a cyborg. Altough the rules...
  19. M

    Blame Signature

  20. Kaination

    Halo Signature~ by kaination :D

    Made it for a friend, but I threw my name on it for this forum hehe