1. Mccdbz5

    Needs a signature!

    I need a signature with these three pictures: (I want the pictures in the order I put them from left to right.) If someone could make a signature for me with these three pictures, I would like it to have the username "SupaNova," on it, with "Ready To Brawl," under the username. I...
  2. kaiz0ku

    New signature.

    So what do you think about my current signature?
  3. M

    Vegeta Signature - Multiple Variations

    Linear Light: Vivid Light: Hard Light: Multiply: I accidentally left out the border, so take points away from that if you wish. I'm not good at making signatures, but I'm willing to improve, so please give constructive criticism on what I should improve on.
  4. Vejta SSJ

    signature help!

    Can anyone make me sig please!I'm not good at making them so i would be very thankfull if someone would bother to do it!And theme could be vegeta ,starwars,spiderman 3,etc.anything!thanks in advance!
  5. Spunky

    Rate the Signature Above You Again and Again and Again!

    You know the rules. Rate the sig above you on a scale from 1 to 10.
  6. Mr.Lukyas

    Signature problem

    I just made a cool sig, but whenever I wanna put it here, it says it's too big. I turned it into .jpg and .gif, but it still won't work. It says the limit is 19.5kb. My .gif sig is 32kb. Plz, tell me what to do, it's maden in Photoshop CS2!
  7. elNarr

    Samus Signature

    And with less lighting: To be honest, i like this one. C&C ?
  8. M

    A signature for some contest.

    Here is the picture: Consider that I used no C4D's, just the stock.
  9. Dezshadow1

    Signature request

    Can someone make me a better sig with Super Buu and if you can try to get rid of his background, heres a picture: in the background make it like flames, then in on the right say "The real HELL starts now!" and in the right hand corner DezShadow1.. ~Thanks ~~~DezShadow1
  10. AmoN

    Eminem signature yay!

    oi i really like this one ^^ make some crits so i can make it perfect =D
  11. elNarr

    Rate The Signature Above You | Part II

    Okay, Let's start it over again, since the other one went dead. Now i can have the honor to get rated first! *evil laugh* (For them, who don't know what to do, just rate the sig of user above from 0/10 and explain why.)
  12. veqeta

    A Signature Request D:

    It's not for me it's for my friend on another forum. He gave me this image, because this is what he obviously wants -.- <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Free Image...
  13. J

    Signature Request

    there's your stock image (took a while to find it). title to be Onslaught (not mad_axman) thanks in advance.
  14. Almighty_Gir

    Signature Request

    there's your stock image (took a while to find it). title to be Onslaught (not mad_axman) thanks in advance.
  15. Deman

    My signature request :O

    I'm looking to get an Awesome X/Xander Crews sig/av combo from Frisky Dingo. Here's a few images of both, I'm fairly certain they're some of the only screencaps from the show: and more here: So go my little forumites!
  16. M

    A predictable signature made with this render

    For a SOTW again, pretty basic if you ask me. :scared:
  17. claudiu1234

    my signature

    How can I make my signature biger ?i tried all solution but.....
  18. -Origin

    Origin signature.. yeah.

    Check out all the effects going on in there. o_o Anyway.. purely symbolic. I hope people will get it. :)
  19. Arsenovicius

    SEcond new signature after some time.. lol

    Ok here is my second try :D Please critic.
  20. Arsenovicius

    New signature after some time

    Yeah. i made this new siggy here. New style for me.. Do you like it ?