1. Flink_Power

    Player Shadow in ESF Open Beta Final

    I've changed the command in the config.cfg "cl_playershadow "0" to "cl_playershadow "1". And the player shadow appear. It is normal that by changing an number the player shadow appear? Player Shadow:
  2. underline

    Shadow system??

    look this page.. shadow system?? oh my god! i thought that its impossible in HL1 engine! soo cool!! this system will have any kind of effect when the player use an KI attack? because this kind of attack create a 'light zone' you know.. are Raven and...
  3. M

    Shadow of Chernobyl Signature

    I know that I've had this signature for about a week now, but I figured that I should see what people have to say about it. I haven't been improving in my artistic abilities which at this point I'm concluding it has to do with me never presenting my signature work for criticism.
  4. -Origin

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Shadow Of Chernobyl

    Anyone played it yet? I finished it just now and got one of the worst endings so I'm probably going to play it again. I really like the atmosphere in the game, you really feel as though you're walking in a barren wasteland that's just been doused in radiation. Some weird mutants and anomolies...
  5. KilledWithStyle

    RP: The Search for the shadow

    NOTE:This RP is created as an experiment of mine to see how this would work. If you want to be added in please drop by this thread such that the next storyline event that I generate I can add you guys in. Other than that this one is pretty well open I will keep details vague such that some of...
  6. Rayos

    The Search for the Shadow *SIGN UP*

    This is a Forum text based role playing game. Started by KWStyle and Sarutobi Sensei. You are more than welcome to join and can participate but listen to the rules. They will be posted by KWS Name: Age: Appearance: Specialty: Background and Behavior NOTE:This RP is created as an...
  7. Dalte89

    Models without inner shadow

    I was editing and reskinning an aura model. It looks really good now but i wanna know if theres a way to remove the shadows within a model so it is on full bright. Please tell me if it is possible
  8. Phobius

    Shadow Hearts from the New World thread.

    Alright I know the game has not come out yet and ships tomorrow which means it should be in stores on wednesday but I'm curious to who has played the previous shadow heart games and is going to give this one a go since Yuri is pretty much gone from the series now. If you played a japanese...
  9. Enix

    Shadow [uber lowpoly]

    Made this for the mini contest over at cgchat: Took about 4 hours total, was really fun.
  10. E

    Shadow signature

    Rate please
  11. Hash

    Shadow Of The Colossus

    Oh man, I just played this game at my buddy's house. And all I can say is that i'm immediately buying it as soon as I muster up the money. For anyone who doesn't know what the game is, well it's made by the same people who made ICO. It starts off with the main character entering some sort of...
  12. E

    Shadow motocycle

    critz 0-10 thnx
  13. Soulicro

    Drop shadow text?

    I used to remember how to do this, but I forgot. There is a way to create text that has like a drop shadow or a glow to it, but I forgot how! Any of ya'll know how? Itll be appreciated. (Text is for the forums, I think obtained by using vB code.)
  14. I

    Shadow Wallpaper

    Heck it's nothing special, so crit it if you want. I just wanted a wallpaper of my favorite character and none of them I could find on the net I liked so I threw this one together.
  15. KelesK

    Shadow Wallpaper

    Heck it's nothing special, so crit it if you want. I just wanted a wallpaper of my favorite character and none of them I could find on the net I liked so I threw this one together.
  16. Ness

    Elle Ragu 59th Sevaar AKA Shadow Skill

    I noticed a lot of new sigs comin up, and thought why not be different? Then i changed my mind ;D anywhoo.....without further apu, i give ya......*drumroll* and a matching avatar (in the way of the crest) :rolleyes: Whadyall think eh? Have i improved or have i improved? :laff:
  17. Ness

    Shadow Skill sig

    Shadow Skill Sig:- what d'ya think? I'll add a border later, and im aware of the fact that the Supershenlon font dont look right :rolleyes:
  18. MinesSkylineR34

    Shadow sig, and a first simple animation

    yep...for some reason it doesnt keep animating for me
  19. DaKD

    [WIP] Shadow the Hedgehog/Super Sonic

    I was inspired by shijing's old sonic models to take my own shot at them Critz please Updates below
  20. TehMuffinMan

    mr satan... shadow... tetsuo... RELEASE!!!

    RAH! *does a little dance* yes, talked to spin, got the mutha's uploaded, so here ya go! MR SATAN >>>HERE<<< TETSUO >>>HERE<<< SHADOW >>>HERE<<< brief details to keep ya intersted. Mr satan uses all his weapons, has custom sounds, and just looks good :P Tetsuo...