1. S

    Problems Compiling

    Ok, I am getting problems when I compile all the time. Here is what it says: brushes (totalling 0 sides) discarded from clipping hulls CreateBrush: Error: Entity 0, Brush 16, Side 0: plane with no normal Error: plane with no normal Description: The map has a problem which must be fixed Howto...
  2. VivaLaPineapple

    WOG wallpaper wham took me awhile to do
  3. P

    Help me mlikshape noob

    Ok, this the start im a noob:D so could any1 send me a model frome esf in milkshape formation? (ms3d) so i can see how it works? i have beeing reading all the Stickys... plz help me:D :cry: Send to me e-mail [email protected] :laff:
  4. Messiah Daz

    Bloody Compiling!! -_-"

    Ok well I worked on my map and went to compile. It didnt work. I got this when compiling. Need any more info just reply. Please help. Ive been told my maps are really good!
  5. SSJ n00b


  6. X

    Map Request

    Was wondering if someone could make a Planet Namek that looks like the Final Battle with Gokou vs. Frieza. Im talking about Dark/Greyish Sky with a lightning sprite coming down on the map every 5-10 seconds. And if possible it'd be cool to see the lightning light up the characters + the...
  7. Sonic the Vampire

    How to overfly everyone on the server but yourself in under 2 seconds!

    Who wants to know how to overflow everyone but yourself on a server in 2 seconds or less? Anyone? Going once... going twice... Harsens, you may want to listen in on this. There's no way I'll post it up here for everyone to see, but I would just like people to know that the issue has been...
  8. T

    question on sound packs

    hey i was wondering if any 1 can give me a site with sound packs. i forgot where but somewhere in the forum there was a guy who said he once had a vegeta trans that said, "U can take my body and soul, but there is one thing u cant take from a saiyan his PRIDE" j/w if some 1 can tell me where to...
  9. D

    Favorite Character!!!!!!!

    ok im very curious to see wut everyone here who makes models favorite charcter is so take the poll please reply with a 1 for brolli a 2 for trunks 3 for goku 4 for gohan 5 for vegeta
  10. suicidal_maniac

    See What You Can Do With Paint!!!

    Ok i saw what that other guy did with paint. So ive decided to make a thread on it. Try and use Paint (and only paint) to make something. I dont care what it is. I just wanna see what all these uber good artists can do with stone age technology. Im going to make something too. Ill show it later...
  11. H

    New Kenshin sig

    well I finally got around to making a new sig.. i like it, personally i think it turned out better than my old one.. tell me what you think NEW: OLD: im wondering though if I should make Kenshin's eyes open sooner so it's noticed... ???:]
  12. H

    made a lil gif

    well i uh made this thing and it took me a good hour and a half because i had no idea what program would just take a clip of a movie and turn it into a gif and no one would help :S so i played the movie frame by frame and print screened on each frame then paisted in paint and saved each frame...
  13. VivaLaPineapple

    quick question

    how the hell do u guys get such crisp colors with gif images? ive tried it and all i get is a complete piece of crap with 256 colors
  14. O

    120 seconds

    um i think the admins should lower that to at least 60 secs sence most of us only have a little time on the fourms and would like to post and leave and not have to wait 120 seconds to post another reply.. i know its there to stop spamers but once again its hurting us little guys again... P.S...
  15. D

    Cool Ssj Goku

    well, i made this in like 30 seconds, real easy... so here ya go, i will post a download later...
  16. K

    SSJ Majin Vegeta Model