1. Drmt`

    secondary khh

    ok i know u woun't like my suggestion or it was already suggested , but it's worth a try :) here i go :D let's say when goku turns ssj he gets secondary khh , its like a flash and does damage only in close distance. it would look somthing like this: (sorry my paint skillz ar crappy xD ) i...
  2. KidMan

    New Secondary Ki-blast

    Right now, ki blasts shoot either straight or in an arc. My idea would be to change the secondary fire of Ki blast to charged up ki blasts. Its just like the one that arcs, but bigger, stronger, faster and at the cost of more ki. If people still want to keep the button fire to arc and straight...
  3. Ravendust

    Secondary Spirit Bomb Explosion Sprite

    Just a really simple suggestion, how about making the sprite for the Spirit Bomb's alternate fire's explosion (not the bomb itself) look like the one from the show instead of a regular explosion. Here's some ref pics: Against Vegeta... Against Dr. Wheelo... Against Turles...
  4. A

    Open Challenge for my Secondary.

    Getting back into the swing of things with the fight club again, being one of the first member when It was just a couple of threads in Off Topic. But now I'm back. Having two fighters, I decided it wouldn't hurt to have them both engaged at that same time. With My main character, Arthos...
  5. D

    secondary melee understanding

    ok i just have to ask this i was around during the 1.1 days so i was trained to especially use secondary melee but its what i mostly use and i get noobs and even good players constantly calling me a whore or a noob because i dont used advanced theyll also ask questions like, is that all you can...
  6. U

    secondary transform

    in secondary transform you can for example gohan can secondary transform into adult gohan instead of ssj gohan or goku could do a fusion with vegeta, this wont be a replacement this will be a chose to either secondary trans or normal trans. i know you guys dont like fusion very much but what if...
  7. S

    Secondary Fire for Kamehameha.

    I think Kamehameha should have a secondary fire for Goku and Gohan, when they transform. The secondary fire could be a super Kamehameha. Some one tell me what you think.
  8. S

    Secondary beam fire

    Im not sure if this is a good idea or not but here goes.. I've seen on a number of occasions in dbz they go to point blank range and fire a blast right into their enemys face to finish them off. Trunks did it to #18 when he went back to the future, 14th pic down, on the left -...
  9. S

    Vaporizing attacks + secondary for some attacks

    I kno this has been suggested but i want to suggest how and if they were implanted in the game u kno what vaporizing attacks do they hit u then u start to crumble away eg Cell vs SSJ 2 gohan KHH Kame hame ha could have Primary fire - Explosive on impact Secondary fire - Longer to...
  10. M

    New finger lazer secondary fire.

    How about this. Instead of the often spamed rappid fire fingerlazers, instead make a more damageing lazer that needs to be charged like a beam.
  11. V

    Attacks should have better secondary charge.

    I think it would be cool if attacks could have secondary charge mode. Especially with this idea cause it would make more good generic attacks in the game. For signature moves like the kamehameha and the final flash the secondary charge makes the beam a .wrl file (3d shape file used to make the...
  12. X

    The Idea of all Ideas | Secondary for Generic Beams? | READ |

    Ok ok ok. So This Idea just hit me in the back of the head the other day. This could also be a great idea for freiza since he lacks powerful beams. How about EVERY Character has a diffrent Secondary Attack for Beams? Vegeta: Kikoha - Kikoha is another name for Generic Beam. But its...
  13. S

    kiblast HAS secondary fire

    I was just messing around with some attacks and i discoverd that kiblast has secondary fire !!! your character will use his left and his right arm to shoot kiblasts , so you shoot 'em much faster :D :cool: