1. Ryuuzaki

    ESF Scripts

    Where should i go to get some scripts ( teleswoop and other moves ) . Any of you knows?
  2. Numenor

    Scripts? What the hell?

    let me start by saying, I dont use um, dont have um, dont even really know what they do. What they do is what I wanna know , i also here that its messing up the legue cos their being used illigally. Please dont close this thread, i just wanna know what people are doing behind my back
  3. B

    how do i fix this error.. failed to connect without scripts events/

    i need help fixing this scripts error!!
  4. G

    scripts events/

  5. S

    Upload Scripts?

    Anyone know of a pretty simple, but attractive, upload script for small files/images? I'd like to put it on my host and let people just upload whatever they want.
  6. F

    About scripts etc

    About scripts and aimbot and evm and all those things. Does this mean that no servers can use Adminmod, amxmod, evm, eea, and others such as those. Especially evm and eea. Like no matter how hard evm tries they wont be able to do anything for 1.2? right? cuz i dont really want it. because then...
  7. C

    1.2 scripts..

    ok ive seen clips of 1.2....and i wasn wondering....wont scripts kinda ruin the game once it comes out...i mean ive heard from alot of people that sctripts are gonna be used alot!!...and dont u kinda think that defeats the whole purpose?....i mean really..if this happens and everyone doies use...
  8. C


    ok ive heard from all over the place that people have set buttons for 3 tele scripts in 1 using steam and yes i have DLed mr.satans script pack...but yet i still dont know how to do it...can someone plz help...i just need the basic info on how to make a tele script..
  9. CS-LAND

    Do you need gfx and scripts for a site?

    Just made a section on my site offering good gfx (banners and buttons) and some scripts that will help in a Anime/DB/ESF site. Well, go here to get them: Note: I will add 4 more banners tommorow :yes:
  10. W

    3D (max) all come in!! not ms!

    I know thet u all think thet i am stupid ! but plz listen 2 me and plz dont close this theard!! i need to know how can i EDIT models in 3D MAX STUDIO (not milkshape....) plz plz there is a tutrial??? or something 10q!!
  11. A


    Scripts are getting increasingly annoying. People out there mostly write them for Buu only, where using a combination of melee and candy gives them unlimited health. I played in the esforces room running cell day. Against 8 other players, a script named Lord Slug schooled the room 140 to 0 until...
  12. M


    what are the esf script commands for menu's (like in counter-strike) or is it basically the same? -/\/\C
  13. P

    Faster Power Level Scripts?

    Hi fellas, I was wondering if anyone has started to make scripts or has anyone found any? I was looking for a script that makes ur power lvl go up Faster, So if anyone knows anything, let me know :\ Judge
  14. L

    Meelee Scripts....

    I was wondering if i could have your opinion on these Meelee Scripts which are going around, which i am going to class as 'cheat' scripts. Not sure if everyone is aware of these but these scripts allow you to counter a person blocking. The script for example will set you on meelee, launch you...
  15. S

    New Dude's Sig

    Hey whats up guys. Im new here and wanted to show off my sig. There seems to be a lot of talent around here im looking foward to seeing what you guys can do:D
  16. T

    my ssj scripts won't work

    Hey everybody, nembie on here, so cut me some slack. I got ahold of the ssj scripts, and I can't seem to make them work. Now I may just misunderstand, but they are supposed to make your characters look like ssj right? I can't seem to do that. then again I'm kinda computer illiterate so I'm not...
  17. K

    SSJ Scripts...

    I have found a site WILL ALL SSJ SCRIPTS YES ALL! You can only download to 5.0 or 5.1 though. So every1 get it! site is listed below! ____________________________________________________
  18. M


    Hi all i was wondering about scripts and what they are and if you could send me some over email or tell me a site other than that red saiyan thingy because the site has something wrong with it on my computer so please help me. Thanks Mystic_Goten
  19. Guru_San

    Anyone Got a SSJTrunks Model?

    Hey All, Im looking for ANYONE to tell me where i can get a SSJ Trunks Model with Yellow hair, and NOT the SSJ Script or on the Red Sayain site cause ive checked, Anything would be helpful guys. From Guru-San
  20. J

    Whats wrong with my skins??

    there is something wrong with buu, krillin and gohan skins. How can i fix this or get these skins