1. Prozac

    Krillin's destructo disk! ( Scatter disk )

    First thing's first.. This thing is totally awesome <3 scatter disk but I've got one little suggestion for it. which is quite simple, decrease the number of disks it "splits up" in when not fully charged. Like 3 for < 1/4 charged 5 for for 1/4 to 1/2 charged and all of it after...
  2. Z

    piccolos scatter shot

    is ther anyway possible to increase piccolos scatter shots? cuz u can only make 7 i no in 1.3 they can make it stop moving when u fire it? is ther anyway possible to increase the numbers of the scattershot? i think thers a mod that can increase it i dunno i think ive seen it b4 like the person...
  3. $sj Goku

    Piccolos Scatter attack

    OK lets face it this attack is useless as well i havent seen nubs use it at all.. I think the beams should be speed up alittle so that this attack willl become usefull
  4. Ravendust

    Disc Changes: Destructo Disc, Multi Disc, Scatter Disc...

    I thought of a few things to change for Krillin, it would implement new attacks and and would only overpower him in making him more unpredictable: Destructo Disc: As it is now, I think it should have a larger max size and also be faster the larger it is, and maybe slightly less ki cost (to...
  5. ZeroNightmare

    Finger Laser / Piccolo Scatter Beam

    Okie. I think it would be cool if you had to charge friezas finger laser like a beam. Maybe you could have its current attack as an alternate. But in the movie he didnt spam it really fast. Have it charge like a beam, then a lil bigger, and then fire as normal, but stronger. Add...
  6. ZeroNightmare

    Scatter Shot and Renzoku Changes

    -Scatter Shot I think it would be cool if the balls went out in an arc a little ways and stopped, like when picc does his hellzone grenade attack on 17. Then you could left click and fire them, like kame torpedos. -Renzoku (Vegeta's ki blast thing) Dont know what its called :( I think...
  7. Chitenga

    Piccolo's Scatter Shot

    Well im suggesting this because the current scatter shot works like a Renzoku (sp?) (You know Rapid Ki blast). All you need to do is hold both Primary and secondary fires to kill your enemy in a hail of ki blast. What i want is so piccolo's scatter shot is more like the KameTorpedos exept im...
  8. HaLLiS

    picollo's scatter shot

    Ive noticed tht in esf when u fire scatter shot the ki blasts keep movin and dont "pause" in the air like they do in the show, i reckon they should make it so that wen u fire the scatter shot they go a certain distance then pause and wait till u hit right click , what do you guys thnk?
  9. M

    Piccolo attack, scatter thingy's

    Since Piccolo in the show shot them all around 17 and they stopped in mid-air to wait, maybe that could be added in ESF. Maybe another key that stops them in the air. Primary fire = shoot, [insert key here] = stops blast, and secondary fire = home in on cursor area. What do you guys think?
  10. D

    scatter shot

    hi, so i was thinking...if u have played budokai for any system..... and u have used the hellzone grenade for piccolo(same thing as scatter shot in esf) if u watch the scatter shot,he shoots about 10 of them right around your opponent and then they stop in place....then he says, "COMBONATION!!"...
  11. R

    Scatter beam?

    So, about the Scatter beam. Why is it called a Scatter beam anyway? It's only a straight beam... I have no idea how to make it 'scatter' Secondary button does nothing. A little help would be appreciated [/noob]
  12. Warbandit

    Scatter Shot

    Can scatter shot hover around the guy like in the show i think it would be better if it could hover in air!
  13. Final Vegeta

    Krillens scatter beam to strong

    Ive played in a serv where a 2 guys spammed krillens scatter beam they had same pl as me now heres the why its to strong part. one of those small (yeah go figure THE SMAL one) bals does 51 dam and they are homing i teleported 3-4 times it still homed me np bout that if its that homing but...
  14. Shinkawa

    Scatter shot going no where

    Well for piccolo's scatter shot: 1. you aim your scatter shot behind your opponent 2. You call your shots to attack your opponent infront of you, so the shots come from behind where he is not blocking 3. if the enemy moves from his spot the shots still go to that location moving back and...
  15. S

    Scatter attack- vegeta shud have it

    hey just a quick suggestion, u know piccolo's scatter attack? well vegeta uses the same 1 when fighting buu, just before him and goku fuse, tell me im stupid, but shudn't vegeta have this attack too?
  16. K

    renzoku, SBC and scatter shot

    i understand the reason for giving vegeta the renzoku attack, cos he goes nuts often, but why shouldnt all the character be able to do that, all it is a firing rate speed up, most DBZ have or can do it why not assign the double ki blast shot to the left click and the renzoku to the right click...
  17. B

    Scatter beam and defending

    Ok firstly piccolo's scatter beam should have some kind of function possibly to stop the "balls" moving like on the TV show when piccolo is fighting android 17 :) and secondly blocking sucks it seems to ruin the game maybe you could take it out or make it slow to use or something like that, I...
  18. Brim

    Piccolo's scatter shot

    So I got to thinking, Piccolo's scatter shot, in the show the balls stop in mid air before piccolo aims them, in the game, they just keep flying, is there the possibility of this being corrected? Or will putting that many entities and holding them cause lag? Maybe this should be in the regular...
  19. G

    Scatter shot crash

    Okay ive found out that scatter shot can crash servers faster then anything else.. and the way to do so who do i need to pm this to ? or is this already known issue
  20. C

    Piccolo Scatter Beam

    How do you get so many lil ki blasts like on the homepage... When I do it, I only get a few to come fair.