1. Mkilbride

    Divintiy 2: The Dragon Knight Saga for only 6$ on Amazon. Amazing game. Better than Oblivion to me, interesting stories, the quests are all very deep, some are hilarious, and there are very real world effects based on your choices. Plus...
  2. E

    Picollo And , Cell special attacks- cell saga.

    In dragon ball z cell saga , picollo fighting against no.17 , then cell is show up , and try to absorb no.17 - that's the first suggestion , i mean cell can absorb people to take the power from people or androids , its would to be cool. Picollo did some STRONG attack in this episode , cell is...
  3. Viper

    Saga of Bjorn An animated short about a viking trying to enter Valhalla.
  4. Nemix

    Bojack Saga Trunks for 1.2.3

    Ok I've seen the new update on the main page, And I'm going to do a similar model too for 1.2.3, but I'll do him with long hair... I just started and made his legs... but I think it will end up pretty good :D and models section is pretty quiet lately... so this might cheer things up :D and...
  5. Mous4u

    ESF ECX RC2 Gohan Bojack Saga Model

    ok i know someone already did a thread like this but i want a model for ESF ECX RC2 and i want to replace the gay Purple Piccolo Suit For Gohan To The Red And Blue Suit From Goku and i also want the blue shirt inside of the Goku Suit hanging out of the arm... someone please help me i really want...
  6. A

    Saga Choice and Character suggestion

    First, I don't know if you have a character roster available, but I think a Tien would be nice, just happens to be my favorite character. Now, I think an option when creating a server to choose which saga you want would be awesome. For example, I could set it up to Frieza saga and the...
  7. .Maze

    Saga Character Mode+Models

    Hey ho. Was thinking of something. Couldnt there be some sort of Sagamodel mode thing where you can choose for example and where the characters have less or pl. Ex: Goku in Freezer saga= 100000 startpl and in cell saga= 750.000... Goku from Freezer Saga where has different attributes...
  8. Ramunas

    [DB:S Namek Saga's WIP] Zarbon

    Hi guys, maybe somebody knows me or not lol. I'm modeler of DBS. I've seen here some nice action going and I think I will be one active user here as well :p. Okay got some model to show lol. C&C are welcomed. ;) drawovers as well lol :D
  9. vinay87

    What-if Goku arrived on time in the Vegeta Saga?

    I was watching those episodes now, and realized what a huge impact it would have had on the dbz universe. For one thing, the Saibamen would have been toast in 10 seconds flat. Nappa wouldnt have killed anyone and he would have been pwned too. And with the others to help him out, goku might have...
  10. K


    i think maby we can make a saga mode so you can play against the ginyu force without ssj but than with kaiokan and gohan with long hair and stuff
  11. ReCkOninG of FirE

    [WIP]: [DBS][Namek Saga] Frieza

    So after going into hiding for so long, I've decided to return...mwhaha...not really... So, after first release is done, Nagash has been working his DBS minions hard towards our second release. This is Freiza First form, the fingers and screwed up and I havn't modelled his tail so no comments...
  12. KilledWithStyle

    [SPOILERS][Manga] Excel Saga

    Anyone here read that? If you don't and have watched the anime, I just have to say manga > anime. Its quite a bit more hilarious, and there is a real storyline. Not to mention that it isn't messed up with Watanabe's slapstick (not saying that the slapstick wasn't funny). I have read up to the...
  13. DBZhell

    Trunks and goku cell saga... ( yep nice edits XD lol )

    Ussj trunks, normal trunks, ssj trunks.. Goku cell saga... after training in Room Of Soul and Time :D Credits to: Eclipse GG & Kama
  14. Doormat

    Frieza saga Goku (battle damaged)

    started yesterday.. wanna make him as close as possible :) a draw over would be nice.. i'll add some rips on the pants later.. oh and i know the folds are not very cool ^^ first attempt at folds anyway.. C&C
  15. Doormat

    cell saga Vegeta

    hey, i'm trying to make a good vegeta for the FP mod x) i need crits, i want to make it as good as milkshape and my hand can lol btw i have'nt got any refs maybe u guys can help me with them? :| i mean a good front and side pics. thanx :) oh and i didnt make the hair yet.. hate doing that...
  16. U

    cooler vs ssj goku (namek saga)

    since goku took dawn cooler with his ssj easily but i still wondering what if goku ssj in namek face cooler final form, who will win? PS: since goku attemp to take dawn frieza so hard in namek, i guess that would be a true match with cooler!
  17. Alica_goku_ssj4

    Cell saga SSJ2 Gohan

    can someone show me where to get a good model for Cell saga SSJ2 Gohan!!! pls
  18. veqeta

    Help Recognising a track from cell saga

    hi i've been looking for the song where goku decides he is going to use instant transmission and teleport him and cell to king kai's planet, i have never heard it anywhere else in the dragon ball z series it's just that particular theme, if someone knew the song and what it's called that would...
  19. Suh Dude

    Vanguard, Saga of Heroes Those are ingame graphics btw. Don't ask me how I know. o_o Might buy it to support my friend but luckily this won't run on my computer. Edit: Oops, forgot to put images. They're videos on the site if you want to take a look at them. ;_; ^^ UI.
  20. N

    Budokai Arena, DB Saga

    well i hope most of you saw the old good DB series, when goku was a child and where training along side with krilin. I watched my Mangas again and again and i felt to make a little enviroment from the DB series . I planed to model the tenkaichi arena , but i dont have much ref pics, only...