1. D

    It's kind of sad really...

    I remember playing this mod all the way back in 2003 when I was still in high school. It was awesome - it had a great style of gameplay, had a decent community of people playing it. Lots of people were into DBZ so it had great potential for further growth too - of course content wise it was...
  2. Suh Dude

    TF2: Today is a sad day...

    So, I accidentally deleted my Natasha that I earned from the achievements so I decided to idle for it back... got her back... then the worst happened. I'm going to cry.
  3. V

    My server doesnt pop up Sad Face

    I click creat server and everythign is good. But no one can join my game it doesnt pop up in server list and when my friend tries to join from friends list it says my server is not responding any one can help plz i have a wire running straight from my comp to the internet thing so i dont know...
  4. Vagabond

    it's a sad day for DnD players

    copyed from 1up Gary Gygax -- the godfather of the pen-and-paper RPG and the man largely responsible for giving the world a little something called Dungeons & Dragons -- is dead. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Gygax died at his home in Lake...
  5. wheres_

    I am sad.

    I want to play ESF but there are no servers with less than 200 ping. I have rather good internet too... =(
  6. Ness

    Sad? Or skilled with a needle and thread?
  7. F

    im sad...

    i have practically every dbz game, and every single episode, but now im depressed as helll.... I LOVE DBZZZ SO MUCH and im so sad that it is gonneee... i mean i herd that akira toriyama does not want to work on it anymore, but why? he will make more and more millions.... and plus everyone loves...
  8. F

    Fire Phoenix is very very sad- his computer doesn't work anymore

    I put this in here because i would like you computer geniuses (you know who i'm talking about) for maybe a little advise on what i could do to fix my computer. here's my story, ok, one day Fire Phoenix started up his computer, only to find it was running very very very very very slowingly...
  9. O


    Hello, I am new here and this is sad. I do not have half life to play esf. Isnt there another way? (I guess not but, just trying).
  10. F

    I am verry verry sad..

    yesterday i went to this server named "ESF 1.2 server elite players" i am a verry nice guy so i introduce myself "hi all how are u doing" but they were all laughing at my name and they were all calling me a newbie.. it made me verry sad. yesterday night when i went to sleap my face was full...
  11. Damaera


    Right now, my dog is dieng, hes right know outside was about to take a **** on the rug, but he didn't want to and he fell over twice and he threw up twice, so I'm pretty sad right now and he is hardly getting air right now
  12. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Dude, how sad is this?

    Man, I got this second job at a local newspaper man...the bastards are primitive as all hell there. Check it out: There is NO network. For a modern daily newspaper, that is unheard of. No CD burners either. We do everything by way of disks We use all Macs (not that uncommon), but almost all of...
  13. Nuttzy

    you know its sad when,.... this is the best idea youve had in a week, i made him for TS and originally planned to make him high poly, but after i realized the TS skeleton cant be...
  14. Z

    Vegitto Reskin ( my first postet Reskin

    HEy this is my first postet Reskin... giv me som Crits ( i am a noob ) What do you Thinks.........?! Orginal model: ned Edit by: Vegetto91 Skinnet by: [Tam Z] - Zarp (thats maby Spellt wrong but i am not good a englich and i am just 14 year)
  15. S

    ToOn G0Ku!

    credits -Goku- Model: Vassago Skin: Vassago i made this edit a while back and i thought i would post some pics ^_^ sorry for the bad pic its the host (any one wanna help me find a new one?) yes he is cell shded but u cant really tel by the bad pic crits are welcome but dont spame...
  16. Ultra33Gokussj3

    My Form 4 Frieza , 100% , BD

    I have made a frieza form 4 , 100% , bd Heres a pic : Hope you like it???
  17. Nuttzy

    my unfinished work

    i was digging around in my computer i found several models that at the time i wasnt skilled enough to get them ingame, though i could do it now, i lack the willpower, ya get me?, they are all ms3d format, some include skins some dont, it includes a super android 13, an android 18, a sonic, a...
  18. DBZFever

    My Drawing

  19. B

    now something completely different

    more pics here first of all, dont be sad or dissapointed, im still working on the android pack, but in the meanwhile im still working on the mods im in ... this is a 30's mob guy called charlie :p, hes the first model of the WiseGuys mod for HL2 (originally for ut2k3 but we find the hl2...
  20. Colgetto

    Halo, sad or wack

    What do you guys think of halo? and why>
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