1. S

    a reverse pack install question

    So since I LOVED the old version of esf, I want to try and play it again. But considering I'm a compy noob i'm confused on how to get this to work. First off just to clarify, can the old version be played with people online? So I dled the files, and I tried to install the client, but there is...
  2. KilledWithStyle

    Reverse order of DEV journals

    This is simple. When you look at the news page, there is the NEW NEWS FIRST and the old news last. Well DEV journals are news, so make the new news first and the old news last.
  3. F

    REVERSE is back.

    Hello everyone. Sorry I have been in the dark for some time now. But I had to get away from Internet for some time now to clear my head. But im back now, also I have got a sprite for a Kamehameha. But, since Half-life no longer works on my computer, can someone be so kind to make this as a...
  4. D

    Black Models (Tried Reverse Vertex, not workin)

    Alright folks, what the hell is goin on with the damn MilkShape of mine. I'm new in model design, but still got some common sense. I've read the tutorials on ESF-World and the one in this forum, but the damn Reverse Vertex Order just doesn't work, all it does is that it just changes to an...
  5. N

    gotenks sprites?

    hey i was just wonderin how you change the distructo disk? I searched but nothin came up :( also I put it in the folder but it dont work
  6. S

    Here an idea

    Should I make a REVERSE skin for Goku or Vegeta? ill post the model here once i get idea
  7. SailorAlea

    Reverse Weapon Restrictment

    Hey, everyone. I know some people have been complaining about AdminMod preventing the use of certain attacks, like KameTorp/Trunks'Sword/Renzoku, and I know there is a fix. However, this isn't what this post is about, though it is similar. My question is, is there anyway to...
  8. Z

    first .gif animation thing ....

    it has no real purpose. i just made it cause i was happy i learned how to do it :) [learned 2 days ago]
  9. M

    Psyco Buu

    an edit of my kid buu
  10. L

    help me in milkshape

    k i finally got the hang of modeling and im working on a face... it looks really good but in the 3d veiw (on smooth mode) it looks all black with little lighting.. its the same under the flat shaded mode... im i doing something wrong in the program? the model does look good so far.. dont got...
  11. F

    ESF Vegito Model

    just incase you havent seen it yet