Any one interested in making this model?

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Mar 15, 2003
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i just got don watching the GT Episode were Majin Buu and Uub fuse together and become Majin Uub, like what Piccolo and Nail did. And i was wondering if anyone has made or would be willing to make a Majin Uub model, you could have it so his normal would be the blue clothing he was wearing when he first fought Bebi and then have his SSJ be the Majin Uub Clothing, this is just a request cause i think he be cool to have in ESF, please no one flame me for this, i just thought this would be a cool charater to add since all we see is goku's and vegeta's and the regular DBZ cast. well, i hope i see an Uub model sometime in the future of ESF, later all.
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