1. L

    Powerup Sprite Replacement

    Anyone know how I can replace/delete the 1.2 power up sprite? You know the white thingies going up all around the character? I've added to the game a lighting powerup but I can't get rid of this one but atleast replace it. Any help?
  2. Mkilbride

    UEFI - Bios replacement
  3. S

    Returning a broken Video card - what should i choose as replacement?

    Well, I've had a new computer and about 2 months ago I started having random crashes occurring, apparently due to the file "ativag2.dll" getting caught in an infinate loop, that's what it said when I got a blue screen, sometimes it didnt even give me that benefit. It was definitely not a...
  4. D

    Direct Punch/Kick - advanced melee replacement

    well, something similar has been posted before but i like the way im thinking of it. its a little fps/ping unfriendly, but we already have basic melee so it should be fine to go nuts with this advanced melee. i need to be exact with stuff like teleporting and stuff too, so this may get a...
  5. $sj Goku

    Ki blob replacement

    OK I dont know what anyone else may think of the ki blobs .. but i think they are pretty stupid.. there is really no point in having them.. They dont exist in the show why should they be in the game.. My idea is to replace the ki blob with rocks.. Example You know how when you power up...
  6. |Overlord|

    ctbd: wish replacement for frendship

    hey every1 , been my first post in a while , each time a play a ctbd , i see no purpose in having another wish point ,i was thinknig it could maybe be replace with some of the following ideas i came up with (or 1) team powerboost , depending on the amount of players on your team , u could...
  7. Diablos

    SSJ2 Vegeta (Replacement for 1.2 SSJ)

    Super Vegeta (Replacement for 1.2 SSJ) [Edit: Super Vegeta, not SSJ2 Vegeta ;)] Hey guys, long time lurker here! Just registered a new account under my ingame name (better than the old one, heh). Well, onto topic.. I was playing ESF last night and my 56k decided to hang on long enough for...
  8. Mr. Satans

    Cloud (FF7) ~ Replacement For Trunks

    Heyyyy...many people have wanted this...sooo I decided to re-release it since I fixed the run animations on the SSJ model of Cloud. ORIGINAL MODEL: Lord DarkStryphe CONVERTED/EDITED BY: Shijing SSJ FIX: Mr. Satan <CENTER> <TABLE style="FILTER: glow(color=blue," strength="#+1)">CLOUD...
  9. Mr. Satans

    Cloud Replacement For Trunks

    Does anyone have the Cloud replacement for Trunks? I need the SSJ model (where Cloud has the ULTIMATE SWORD) cuz I fuct it up and didn't back it up *smack* ~_~
  10. Chosen Saiyan

    your first model replacement

    my first model replacement was great saiyaman for 1.0 and i dl it at gsf. and how about you guys>? your first replacement?
  11. Nuttzy

    SPECIALiSTS Battle Axe, katana replacement

    its a quickly made and quickly skinned project, but it looks killer ingame, heh even has a bloody version for the fps view after ya kill someone, (that should be the right one, i previously packed the wrong mdls in the zip, it should be...
  12. S

    Dragon Replacement = Porunga! W.I.P

    Ey plp, i made a Porunga model as a replacement for the earthdragon,i'm not a very good modeler, and i dont know how to assign the model cause its a total other shape then the earthdragon,so i hope if there is anyone out there whoa wants to assign it. and i am a very very...bad skinner so i...
  13. Tweek

    ..Krillin Replacement: GOTEN

    ..keh i havnt been on top form l8tly :S, and im not sure y but last night i just started a model 4 sum strainge reason which i cant explain :) N E way i done a torso and though hoo could this b and wot could it replace ??? so iv now near done a new GOTEN mdl 2 replace krillin ..n e wayz...
  14. Nuttzy

    bebi piccolo replacement release

    (old picture) new model ^_^ the readme also says this, if someone wants to make a vegeta replacement pack go ahead ill allow that, but nothing else, also it has no sounds cuz i couldnt get ahold of my sound guy all day yesterday, and i got a...
  15. S


    It´s gonna be a replacement for ssj gohan, i made a Kid Goku as wel in replacement for gohan. i don´t no if i´m gonna let beames come out of his mouth like a kamehameha mouthblast, but it´s a good idea, i´m gonna try and i´m made some more screenshots.
  16. V

    Who setsuna will replace?

    Quite important... It will be hard to give him some personalized animation and sounds, if I ‘m not sure of which attacks he will inherit.I can’t decide^^ Finally, I let to you choose...
  17. J

    dragon replacement; wishing well!

    I made a dragon replacement; a wishing well :) pics here: COPY & PASTE the new dl-link will come when it's done
  18. S

    fusion gogeta! in need of animtors

    me and sexy r making animations for a goku and a vegeta. i made the skel for vegeta. when they trans theyll turn into gogeta we really need animators so we can get this done fast. heres a pic of what im talkin about
  19. Nuttzy

    Wolverine model

    yeah yeah, its not perfect, but i assure you he looks badass ingame, i WILL release him when i get permision from turk, (problem is nobody knows how to find him) IF YOU KNOW HOW TO CONTACT HIM OR IF YOU ARE HIM TELL ME, at the moment this is prettymuch a thread about the picture of the model...
  20. MysticVegeta

    Tapion model reskinned

    I reskinned a tapion model. Its almost ready its with a soundpack too. Credits to Forcefightersz for the model