1. sg2

    Thread practicing #1- Religion

    Good morning, evening or whatever the time is! What's your take on religion? Mine sincerely goes with this Jesus guy: If you're shy about it feel free not to tell. :scared:
  2. M

    Should Religion...

    Be taken literally? When the Bible speaks of "God", should "God" be interpreted as a old man with a grayish-white beard, wearing white robes, sitting in the clouds, watching over everything? Or does "God" simply represent that which is beyond human comprehension? Looking at other...
  3. sub

    *** Marriage and Religion

    Yeah, I'm going there. So I've been reading up on how California legalized same-sex marriage tonight, and how there's a huge interfaith campaign going on with Muslims, Christians, Mormons, etc. all rallying to have the same-sex marriage ruling thrown out. I don't want this thread bashing...
  4. T

    Religion And Conspiracy Thoeries

    Come here to talk about your thoughts on religion and conspiracies. Please try to refrain from talking down on someone else however, as we do not want any fights happening. So Let's hear your ideas on 911, area 51 and religion!
  5. Synth

    Magic vs Religion

    When you think of magic at it's modern level, you're merely thinking of Illusionists. What happened to the paranormal/dungeon&dragons/fantasy magic? Is it all just a fairy tale as it's always been presented? How did the idea of it begin? Could we ask those same questions with religion...
  6. sub

    Religion in politics

    I'm curious as to what everyone's opinion on religion in politics is. I personally don't believe it should have any place in politics at all, yet some of the presidential hopefuls for the election of '08 see it as core to their campaign. Take MittRomney's speech yesterday at the presidential...
  7. O

    Movie on origins of modern religion

    If you liked the first third of Zeitgeist and got bored with the rest like me, I found a movie that is much longer and more detailed and interesting than Zeitgeist and pertains only with the origins of modern religion...
  8. OubliezJe

    For thsoe of the Jesus Christ religion.

    Just a question i want to ask, WHY? i dont not mean to affend neone elses religion. God. In the beginning God Created The heavens and Earth. But he also created time itself. He created everything living, and dead. He created the realm we live in, The air around us, us. But we...
  9. Vegeta's Briefs

    About Religion

    I have had some requests via Private Message to make a thread about Religion, specifically Christianity. There is one such man who has been insulting me and my religion, so I'm here to create an argument thread, basically, to fight with him with since he refuses to do it over PM, and IRC isn't...
  10. owa

    Bad Religion

    Another poll ya... I like Bad Religion an 80's band that is still great today IMO. So same as the P.O.D. poll same drill and stuff...