1. sub

    Faster Than Light -- Indie Spaceship Game releases today

    I was planning on doing something productive today, but between this and Black Mesa Source, I don't think that's going to happen. Anyone else going to be playing this? For anyone who doesn't know, FTL is a spaceship simulation roguelike-like. It tries to recreate the atmosphere of running a...
  2. sub

    MechWarrior Living Legends releases Now if only I had Crysis
  3. J-Dude

    Fox releases several scenes and new TV spot for Dragonball Evolution UK TV Spot: Lots of new footage, including some flight, powering up, beam struggle, and a lulzy DBZ hair gag. Piccolo Attacks Gohan: It seems Mai didn't do the job alone; Marsters gives...
  4. U

    Story Mode Suggestion(I know it wontbe in releases but heres a way)

    Instead of making cut scenes and a big story mode like that. Can't we just have battles in order. The format can be like this. Example Start Instead of a gaint cutscene you have 1 A picture of Raditz in background. Text to describe that Gohan has been kidnapped and then. 2 A Level is...
  5. SailorAlea

    Do Tuesday game releases piss you off?

    I personally hate how game publishers have chosen to distribute games on Tuesdays. Usually this means, in the US, they ship on Tuesday and arrive on Wednesday. In the case of digitally distributed games, they're released on Tuesday. This makes absolutely no sense to me. The best example I can...
  6. SS4 Gogeta

    UK releases classified UFO files

    I wonder if other nations will follow suit? Im sure not all the files contain actual E.T spacecraft or whatnot, but it'd be cool see what they thought it could have been.
  7. A

    will there be SSj 4's in the l8er releases???

    as the tile states will the be a SSj4 goku and SSJ4 vegeta in l8er releases of ESF???
  8. B


    i took a look but as far as patching/updates for the there a preview of what the next batch brings?
  9. Optimus Prime

    Studios Threaten to Delay Movie Releases in Canada

    Well, apparently 50% of all pirated movies come out of Canada, and 'Hollywood' says if our government doesn't do something to curb it, they will. ****! Source.
  10. M

    Episodic Releases... Your Opinions

    After browsing around GameSpy for about half an hour, I noticed the term "episodic content" and/or "episodic releases" being mentioned in a good majority of games still in development. It would seem that a lot of companies want to take the same approach as VALVe did (I don't know of any...
  11. S

    Community projects and official releases

    Okay, while in the duel mode thread, i was thinking about something The problem with plugins and maps that are community released, is that its serverside, and many (95% of servers) servers just dont have any of them, and this is most likely due to server owners not knowing they even exist, or...
  12. S

    any new releases

    ive been waiting 4 a release 4 a long time where are all of them plus im a rude drunk
  13. E

    Ideas for later releases of ESF

    i thinked a long time about this ideas , now i gonna post them: i think its more realistic that live , KI and speed depending on the pl , but in a different way , for example: a goku with 1 million has 111 live and a goku with 10 million pl has 150 so its not to much live and a the goku with 1...
  14. Goten-son

    Bittorent downloads for ESF releases

    Here's a new idea, I think the ESF team could add a bittorent link for their releases so if one of the mirrors is down, or so we don't have to wait in line forever (fileplanet) we can just click and download and hopefully most people will seed it. Not sure if this is the best idea but it would...
  15. Shinkawa

    What happened to the sticky?

    I either seem to be hallucinating or something cause I remember there used to be a sticky that was about models that are released? What eve happened to that sticky?
  16. Bryggz

    For those who were waiting for a certain gotenks pack....good news is on the way

    TOTAL CONVERSION IS IMMINENT!!! OKAY credits!!!! S-bolt- for ssj2 gohan hair and arms Xstortionist- chest/lower torso Ssj3 HAIR and JACKET and compilation of model pieces- me, Bryggz :-) Azn- Sash (made from his gohan's bandanna) Final edits/Cleaning up of model/compilation of the...
  17. D

    More ssj levels

    I was hoping the mod could make more ssj levels like goku going to ssj 3 or 4 and freeza going to his final form also that gohan could go to ssj2 as well... Also some more models of like gotenks goten etc would be cool... but please more ssj levels!! That would be great... Most mods for dbz...
  18. B0Bmaster40000

    Immortal - Coming soon!

    <center> More than what it appears to be, this arena is not for the faint-hearted -- or the tamer computers. The size will push the limits of Hammer. The detail will challenge your 3D card. The game-play will put your l33tness to the test. B0B_Immortal Coming soon! Can you handle...
  19. Lethal_Vegetto

    This has probibly already been asked but

    When will the GOOD Gotenks be released for esf??? I must get it!!! Please tell me when its being released. Thx
  20. Halorin

    About future releases

    I suggest that the team should make sure everything that gets changed should be known and talked to with the community before it happens so as to prevent all of these complaints. I don't remember anyone saying anything about the hit detection changing, but I do remember someone saying that the...