1. shadowcast

    Vegeta Ref

    Hey guys.......well i got sick and tired of searching for refs so i decided to draw up my own...........For now there is only teh front........But i posted it here so i can get some crits and corrections before advancing to the side ref :D Crit away XD
  2. LionHeart

    ref pics for pirate ship

    i found some but i still haven't found realy precise ones, and i desperatly need a acurate pic of the back of the ship even if it's from an angle but i want to see it how does it look from the back
  3. G

    Vegeta Ref

    Hey guys im starting a Armor Vegeta Model anyoane has any good refs?
  4. TigerGEO

    REF Request

    Can someone make or find or give meh a cooler ref I wan't to start modeling again since I lost my refs during a virus attack.:]
  5. shadowcast

    A good goku ref

    Sorry for requesting this..........but ive been searching for days and i cant find a good goku ref. I switched to cinema and i want to try to make a goku model in it...... but i cant find a good ref Thx in advance :D
  6. dany_goku

    Vegeta Ref

    I haven't posted for some time.But I'm back and I have a new ref. Crits are welcome.
  7. dany_goku

    Goku saiyan armor ref

    I took some pictures found on Google and continued them in MSPaint. Hope this makes a good ref pic. If anyone decides to make a model after this please post 'em.
  8. -Blaze-

    SSJ2 Gohan ref request

    I need a ref for my modeling practice, front/side. I want it to be kid Gohan from Cell Games I would be very happy if DavidSkiwan could do one. But, it doesn't really matter. (My gohan ref i drew stinks ;/ .)
  9. Growler

    Neo Ref

    man, I haven't drawn up a ref in sooo long
  10. TRSS

    ref please

    does any body have a good ref of yuske urameshi or hiei (from yu yu hakusho) or megaman( either x or exe)
  11. yopyop

    ref pic?

    k dudes donno whether this question sounds stupid we go: does anybody have or just know where to get a yamcha ref-pic??
  12. J

    better quality for images on planes for ref?

    was just wondeing if there was a way to get the image on a plane for a ref to look better? cuz mine looks like total **** and i cant follow it correctly. thanks.
  13. Green Wolfos

    ref pics

    Could somebody please pm me with some goten ref pics? :rolleyes: o_o
  14. Growler

    BUu ref

    Im modeling buu off this ref now, tell me what u think...
  15. §lipKnot

    i need a link ref pics plz :D

    i need a link ref pics thnks
  16. F

    Vivi Ref

    I couldn't find the reference thread so here you go. O_o Author - Unknown. >_>
  17. A

    Naruto/DBZ Ref's

    I'd appreciate it if a few people posted some of Naruto/DBZ Ref's. And when I google it, they're not the right pics. I USED GOOGLE ;X
  18. Damaera

    Naruto/DBZ Ref's

    I'd appreciate it if a few people posted some of Naruto/DBZ Ref's. And when I google it, they're not the right pics. I USED GOOGLE ;X
  19. Growler

    Quick ref

    Bored in school...
  20. Jugo

    A ref request

    I need for somebody to make/draw me a movie dock ock (doctor octopus) model from the spider-man 2 movie, i need it coz i cant draw very well but i cant find any good refs, i tried google. i want to make a model of him. if someone can make it than i need a from back and side, and a ref on...