1. M

    redo for rezuko ki blast idea

    how about u redo it where instead of the balls he shoots those missle type things like when he did it to gohan in the saiyan saga the long ones like this sorta like a quick generic beam but detached and make it wher ehe keeps firing em...
  2. KidMan

    Redo Tree of Might

    Curious if you guys are going to redo the Tree of Might level... It was way crappy when i played on it. The tree didn't really look to much like a tree.... I figure you guys could make it so you could even battle on the tree. That would be pretty awesome.
  3. ZeroNightmare

    Redo Special Beam Cannon.....

    i dont think i'm the only one who thinks this, but the way its colored is just wierd... i think it would be neat if it was just like a normal beaam but green and coiled around.
  4. M

    redo of the challege with gonaz

    comeon i posted my bio in the bio setion so dont say crap about that btw can u repost my stroy i dont wanna retype it
  5. CM

    [WIP] Panthro Redo

    this is an outdated screen, from last night, couldnt be arsed to make a new one. i finished the back and the belt. oh well the abs will be hidden under the belt, thats why theyre so blurry. crits and help appreciated EDIT: oh and the color both can be fixed, and was taken straight from...
  6. S

    Reskin of vegeta yes i like vegeta he kicks azzzz i allso reskined a goku just made his colors more bright pic will be on tommarow......... credits model turk skin mastasurf reskin me aka SlipKnot im not trying to do a hole reskin i want to beef up the...
  7. Devion

    ESF models and there scale

    Well I noticed something about the models when I was playing with Sin Goku USSJ Vegeta. Well I was fighting cell(bot) and I saw that Semi-Perfect Cell is smaller then Vegeta.(Ussj) Well I thought thats because of the ussj model. But when I deascend the model(compare with non-ssj Vegeta)...
  8. E

    TriGun Mod WallPaper

    This is a Wallpaper I made for the mod Im working on. Its based on TriGun Anime Series, and it runs on HL - HL2. And so here it is.
  9. W

    How do i make it so that 1.0 models can be for 1.1

    Hey guys, can u help me? I have some pretty cool models i downloaded for 1.0 and i really want them to be for 1.1, can anyone help me?
  10. sexyasian86

    Bojacks Movie Trunks [ :O ]

    well credit goes to esf trunks [ss_vegeta] ssj 4 gogetenks for the torso and arms. and for the hair. also to me for editing the hair and the rest of it. finished the model. *edit here is the new non-ssj trunks enjoy ^_^. the NEW bojacks trunks. *edit2 here is the new ssj...
  11. M

    Rurouni Kenshin Models

    i was wonderin if like sum 1 could possibly make models from rurouni kenshin like kenshin or Xenoske....i want some cool models :cry:
  12. E

    Gundam Wallpaper redone

    I wasnt happy with the last ones typography so I re did it, and added a few more touch ups.
  13. J


    well, i got tired of doing human like characters, so heres a sonic model i made. I basically made it so i could try skinning it, although the face isnt made yet. lol maybe ill make supersonic, animate it and put it in esf lol i dont think thats gonna happen. I dont have time to do anything...
  14. B0Bmaster40000

    Supreme Kai

    well here is a pic of my supreme kai so far:] as you can see i still have the hair to do, smooth it, skin it, add bones, animate it...:(
  15. Optional


    will the mapper who made it please release it to us! i dont care if some people didnt like it cause i think it looks absolutly awsome!
  16. S

    gt goku

    pleaz where can I find a goku model with gt clothes ??
  17. owa


    Hey, Well I'm not new to layout mkaing I just suck at it cause of my lack of HTML knowledge. Anyways here is what I made, the actual site will have minor changes but untill then tell me what ya think.
  18. S

    BROLLY skin for esf beta????????

    i heard there is a brolly skin for esf beta but i've not found it. Does anyone know something about it???????
  19. TimTheEnchantor

    2 3d renders, will be making walls for..

    These 2 images are going to both be made into wallpapers sometime in the NEAR future.. Hope these can savor your tastes until they are made... one will be very simplistic ; the other will be very complex, dunno which will be which right now
  20. -Dark Shadow-

    SSJ3 Gohan someone help me with this problem i will give file to helper

    someone please offer to help me fix this problem ok what happens is that i put it into game and then i use like shield attack and his top body turns around and other things i will send the file whoever offers to help :)