1. Akrur

    Just a quick question

    Hello! I am very interested in playing this mod but I have few questions just to make sure: 1. Do I need Half Life and if so which one. 2. Does it run on steam. If the answers are obvious, sorry, I just couldn't find an answer.
  2. DarkVegetaESF

    Some Quick Questions

    Hello everybuddy i am posting this thread because i have some questions about ESF addons and ESF1.2.3 1)i found this http://www.moddb.com/mods/earths-special-forces/addons can i add those models or maps in Esf 1.2.3? If Yes how to. 2)In order for those addons to work(if they work)do i need to...
  3. DarkVegetaESF

    Quick and Simple question

    Sorry for that but i need to ask this:im playing Esf 1.3 Open beta i need to know what to put in the console to raise my powerlevel,its all legal,just the command sorry for that :fight:
  4. EvolutionX

    Quick Launch

    Hey guys. I don't know what happened to me but for some reason i delete "Application Data" folder in C:/Documents and Setings/Administrator, so now i don't have the Quick Launch Toolbar. When i activate it, it says "Cannot Create Toolbar". I saw somethink on Microsoft Website but id didn't work...
  5. -Origin

    Quick question about video conversion etc etc.

    Right, remember I got that capture card a while back? Yeah, it broke down. But then I fixed it. And I'm looking for a program that can quickly convert a full HD 1920x1080 video into a Youtube HD (1280x720 if I'm not mistaken). I used to have a program where I could set it up like that but...
  6. Suh Dude


    So in 4 days, Vindictus will be released as a invite only (or early beta), open beta. Now there's a lot of sites that are giving out keys and if you rather play this month rather wait till October 6, then reply here. Your characters will not be deleted in this 'early open beta' for open beta. I...
  7. Painkiller

    Need help, QUICK!

    I just witnessed my mom being pushed and hit by her new husband. My sister tells me I should do something to help BUT HOW THE **** SHOULD I HELP!? They're still going on about this. Tell me what the **** should I do?!
  8. O

    hi all a quick question

    hi all im new to the forum just started playing esf i really like it.anyway i wanted to ask where can i get new models for the game like one of gohan (the original one is ugly) i heard i shouldn't get ecx cause it full of bug so where should i get new things? btw im still learning how to play ;)...
  9. Disguise

    Quick Stop

    Quick Stop's stamina cost could rely on the player's current momentum. The player can slow themselves using KI. If a player has a lot of KI and low Stamina, they could slow themselves before Quick Stopping to negate most of the cost. This presents a skill curve where some players will make...
  10. J

    making a trailer QUICK QUESION

    is it possible to remove the HUD it looks dumb in the clips
  11. Dokutayuu

    Make beams quick and greater combo potential!

    Hey all, I've been thinking why beams are so rarely used (well, non-spamming uses). 1) They take a long time to charge. 2) They move slowly (compared to players). 3) Aim is usually poor. Minimum charge time for beam would be reduced by quite a bit meaning that if a player wanted to prevent...
  12. L

    Quick question.

    Can ESF 1.3 be used with ECX? And How EXACTLY do I install it and where, I;m no pro also theres no win2 installer and whatnot, any hlp would be appreciated.
  13. K

    Need Quick Help

    Well the problem i got is this one I hope you guys can help me =) thank you allready.
  14. Damaera

    Quick question about the PS3

    What happened to update 2.40 and how come I saw on TV that it was being removed?
  15. Skyrider

    Anyway to earn quick money through PayPal?

    I'm having a little bit money problems >_>, and I was wondering if anyone knows a good way to gain quick and fast (and hopefully a lot) of money through the internet some how. I accept all tips and info's. EDIT: I'm using PayPal.
  16. M

    Hello guys. I have a quick question.

    So, I've just recently started playing again (it's been quite awhile). After much searching, I found a soundpack, with a specific file I want to use. When I place the file in the sound folder (for this, we can say the file is 'aura'), it doesn't continue to lopp once I'm in the game. The...
  17. The Deco

    Quick internet money: Click to read email, pay to click, stuff like that.

    Alright I just noticed this thing lately and it looks to me like it works, not all of it are scheme but this is what I was assigned to: 1) 3 Different payed to fill a survey site - waiting 3 days for a survey to do already! 2) 4 Different paid to read E-mail advertisements today but I...
  18. Sicron

    Quick question about a DVD drive.

    Well I'm buying a laptop for my school this year, and the laptop comes with one of these 2 DVD drives: Samsung DVDRW-DL 6xx4W/6xx5WD/2xx5W Samsung DVDRW-DL Slot-in 6xx4W/6xx5WD/2xx5W The first one is 15 euro's (if you are American, just assume it's 15 dollars) cheaper. Is this "Slot-in"...
  19. Y

    Quick tip for better FPS!

    Yo, I found this method on an Israeli gaming forum [www.3dv.co.il] It worked for me, so what the hell ! ------------------------------------------------------------------ It says that Half-life is using an outdated opengl driver.. ATI Graphic Card Users ...
  20. Keiha

    Quick Avatar Assistance

    Can someone please resize this to 10kb~?