1. Son Gogeta

    Just some quick questions! (ALOT)

    First off here's some questions about the maps: Will Hell (as seen in Fusion Reborn), a generic Ruined City, or King Kai's Planet make an appearance as maps? Will Trunks use his sword and will he be a separate character from him after his time training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Now for...
  2. Aurum

    A few questions about ESF (No when will it be released)

    Uhmmm, ESF Team, would you please answer those questions? When will we see other Super Saiyans apart from Vegeta? Why won't you guys release a demo? The fans are frequently asking for one. Will you guys improve the graphics of the mod? How many stages in ESF will be released? Do...
  3. L

    A few questions

    I just have a few questions about ESF 1.2.3 currently. I have not been playing a very long time so excuse me if im asking some very obvious question. I also play with the addons installed for more characters. In the final edition of the game are powerlevels going to be fixed up? I myself...
  4. Reading Rainbow

    Force Pit questions

    How many Force Pit members are there at the moment? Also why are there no longer forum competitions? The last competition that I saw happened in 2009. I saw the Force Pitters thread and read that people who have contributed to the community are granted access however this is only done...
  5. GokuSS

    So I make illustrous questions..

    Ok, ok I was joking.. Just delete this thread when you can.
  6. GokuSS

    GokuSS' illustrious collection of fascinating questions

    Hi - I'd like to know if anyone knows which characters will there be. Any fusions like gogeta or vegito? Gogeta SS4?
  7. Reading Rainbow

    Misc Questions

    shootin' from the hip again 1) Homing ball?? In the ESF Play Test footage there is a homing ball, I had read that there was talks about removing this feature however I rather much like it, where do you guys stand on this now? 2) Mid-Air Detonation: This is a silly question but can...
  8. Deverz

    Cos-play questions

    I'm thinking about making a trip down nerd lane and giving making my own Cos-play suit for conventions a whirl. Plan is to make a HEV suit and my research so far has led me to believe pepakura is the best method. Is this relatively easy to do? is there a better method? Should I practice...
  9. V

    Some questions about esf

    Hi to all! i have some questions about esf. i installed esf+ Corona Bytes Ecx Rc2 +EvolutionX +Patch EvolutionX +ModelPack +BigPack 8.4 Result my game is more or less the same,, i dont see any new character (nappa, uub, c18 for example) i can only choose the nine classic characters (i see...
  10. G

    some questions

    As I know,ESF 1.3 will be completed in 2012 right? So I wonder when will they return to NNK (Naruto Naiteki Kensei) project..maybe you know some information about that? that would be helpful..thank you alot
  11. S

    Just got the mod - I have some questions

    Hey guys, just got this mod - it looks sick, but I have some questions 1 - Where are some servers I can play on? 2 - I am not too familiar with the steam server browser - how easy/difficult would it be to just start a room with a few friends and just play with them? 3 - What stage of the mod is...
  12. F

    Questions about the game

    i have some questions about the game :p 1)Why ESF developers didn't used Source Engine? 2)What are the new features add in Half life Engine? (ex: dynamic shadow etc) 3)The requiriments to play the game (hardware)
  13. Dawntilldusc

    Buying a new laptop and had a few questions

    Hey guys and gals. I'm considering buying a new laptop for under $3000 and I had my eye on a specific one. It is the MSI GT783-625US. It comes with 16gb of Ram, an amazing GTX580 GPU, and a Full HD Intel i7-2670QM quad core processor. As for Rom it has a 128gb ssd, and a 750 HHD. My only...
  14. P

    Questions on CCI

    Is there somewhere a more advanced Tutorial on CCI, or at least a list of functions + their Arguments? The basic Tutorial included with CCI helps at the beginning but a lot of questions will be unanswered. Does anybody know any of this?: How *exactly* does damage work? Yeah, there is a damage...
  15. H

    Bonus Tier System questions

    Hey all, I think it has been discussed before but I cannot seem to find the right words to search for. To my understanding, you get bonus points throughout fighting and then you can spend by hitting the 'c' key. But how will getting these points be determined? Is it damage done? How...
  16. Reading Rainbow

    HeLLO! I'm new and I got some QUESTIONS!!!

    hihi I found out about this mod just recently and I can't WAIT TO play it, by the looks of it I'll have to though 8(. Some quick questions: Do you guys plan on releasing a beta before a final version? Something like 1 map with 2 characters or what not??? If you guys charged for a beta I'd...
  17. TantrixChaos

    Couple questions and Such. Hi btw =)

    Hey, i salute the done when its done way of thinking. The current 1.3 is great even though its broken, the only really big thing that bugs me is that i can't play against bot's to flutter my time away. 1.2.3 is good, but it starts to really feel dated. I like the screenshots everyweek...
  18. Naturphoenix

    Some ESF questions

    Greetings fellow esf users/fans. I must say I have taken a long break from gaming. I remember 7 years ago when I was in middle school, going to the cyber cafe and playing esf. I see the esf final content and it looks amazing, I must ask is all this footage really the hl1 engine? If so that is...
  19. DarkVegetaESF

    Some Quick Questions

    Hello everybuddy i am posting this thread because i have some questions about ESF addons and ESF1.2.3 1)i found this can i add those models or maps in Esf 1.2.3? If Yes how to. 2)In order for those addons to work(if they work)do i need to...
  20. Flink_Power

    2 Questions

    Hello , I have 2 questions : 1st : Where can i find pic like this : because this is not a POTW . 2nd : The map size is actually like this in current version or it's more large or more small ...