1. S

    quake 3 cd key?

    does any one here have a quake 3 cd key? i will trade for a cs key... i never play it any more... all i have been doing is maping for quake... but i rebuilt my comp and didnt back up my quake3 files.. so i lost my key :cry: ... i will give u a working cs key... and plz dont jack me for a key...
  2. S


    Check out my Oozaru, it´s not done yet but almost!! it´s really big! Oozaru!!
  3. C

    does any one know where i can get quake 3 arena not the point realese

    does any one know where i can get quake 3 arena not the point realese
  4. C

    does any one know where i can get quake 3 arena not the point realese

    does any one know where i can get quake 3 arena not the point realese
  5. shadow16

    loading quake 3 skins in ms3d

    I'm just wondering how do u load the .skin files in ms3d for quake 3 models....and how do u change the .skin to like a bmp/jpg.... sorry, but I have no clue about quake 3 models...so go easy on me.... Thanks
  6. JM LE FOU

    post you oozaru model here!

    evrybody are busy to make models of buu or vegita what about the oozaru model?? in bfp (dbz quake 3 mod) you can play with the normal oozaru ,ssj oozaru and babe oozaru. so please make a oozaru for the esf !! i search pics of oozaru from the show...
  7. Froggo

    A Few Maps - Saiyan Crusades

    Here's a few maps made by Killer :D Its not 100 procent his textures quite yet but we are working on that one :D First off all the lovely Rosat (Room of spirit and Time) Unluckily the Kami Map pics wont load so ill fix them as soon as i can :D
  8. DBZFever

    i was wondering if anyone wanted to give me modelling lessons

    because the tutorials dont help me
  9. S


    ok some of u may remember i started a sephiroth edit a long time ago when beta 1.1 was first released well (i was tthe first to start a sephy model edit :p) but it suxed lol but with the help of alot of people it is now better then ever! but its still a WIP this pak is going yo...
  10. sexyasian86

    ZERO!!!!!!! and Farewell

    well here is a zero i converted. i edited most of the parts. recolored for the transformation to black armor zero. normal is the regular red. just a last thing i wanted to show ^_^ credits:John “Ronin{Triad}" Fisher form quake 3 ^_^ :PPPPPP ya'll can't have it either ^_^ you guys...
  11. DBZFever

    I was wondering.

    If there was a model for ESF, cant a great skin make it look just as good as a bid for power model?
  12. I

    How do i open mdls in gmax?!

    This is entirly annoying. This gmax this looks good, reminds me of fightermaker2. But how in gods name do you work it?!?! The turorial doesn't work, the links for help are crap, All i want to know is how do you import mdl files into gmax and i'll be satisfied and delete this thread if you want...
  13. S

    Fantasy Arena 2 - Rivalry Of Legends - Lots of Pictures

    Hi here are a set of screens of my new map for my quake3 mod. www.rol.flagrun.net The maps about 10% complete but heres some of the progress so far !
  14. DBZFever

    A new modeler seeking help

    Hey, I am learning to become a modeler. I have took numerous tutorials and it hasnt helped me:(. Call me stupid, i deserve. Anyway, I was wondering if someone out there could just get me started off. I know it will be a pain in the butt for both of us, but it would help me out tremendously...
  15. Cold Steel

    For the ones with quake 3 and passion for gundam.

    I found a great gundam mod for q3 to take a look at it, look here. http://dynamic.gamespy.com/%7Egundamuniverse/main.html
  16. V

    ? ImPoRt ?

    Is there a way so i can import Quake3 models into ESF ?
  17. IceFire2050

    Anyone know any good mods for Quake 3?

    anyone know any good mods for quake 3 that are anime based?that are ready to play stuff like: DB-Z-GT Mobile Suit Gundam G-Gundam Gundam Wing Megaman or anything else again please dont tell me any that arnt playable yet
  18. E

    yet another compiling prob

    yep i'm back. i've got another compiling prob but i'm not really sure wot is wrong. i've gone through 20 or so maps of a similar aspect (gensurf landscape, floating spawn points and other such goodies) and they all seem to end up with the same prob. when i compile, csg, bsp and vis all...
  19. Hawki_ice


    Ok i have a gunblade thats a.pk3 file from Quake (i did not make it) Can any one convert it 2 a 3D studio model or something or change it 2 a HL usabile model! If u can you'll have 2 give me your e-mail cause my servers bung! thanx
  20. A

    M.O.D vegeta

    This was made by our own talented J for the mod called M.O.D. And this is one of our maps