1. S

    DBQ - DragonBall Quake

    I been to DBQ, they ain't that bad, but I like ESF better...any how what happened to them? Zaradis is all "We ain't dead blah blah"..=/ Since November there's been nothing, nada.
  2. L

    3ds max 4.2 tutorials

    i just spent the last 2 hours looking for beginner tutiorals, i found many 4.0 and 5.0, but not 2 many 4.2 tutorials... if you have any links that have beginner (im mean like really beginner) tutiorals on low poly models on a side note i found 1, started it, yet when i got to step 3 i...
  3. warboy

    help i need....

    help i need a skin program i cant find none plz help:paper: :confused: :warning:
  4. D

    tutorial for gmax

    anybody now where i can d/l a tutorial for gmax really need it
  5. V

    Warriors of Destiny

    I'm working on a mod[quake 3 engine], and we need some more team members... Anyone that can code, model, skin or make sprites may join... PM me if you want to... grtz
  6. -Dark Shadow-

    Tutorials for everyone

    ok these tutorials i did not find. [J] said the link of the site of all the tuts so the tuts are at this site here there are millions of them. I was going to do all the tuts on here but i had to do all the hyperlinks again and it would've taken ages!
  7. Jimesu_Evil

    Destroyable city

    If I knew how to map, I would make this map myself. Here's the idea: A city made entirely of destroyable entities. It would be cool to be able to level an entire city to nothing but rubble! I don't know if it's possible, but I think it is (make the buildings out of glass or something). I...
  8. S

    form four freeza

    anyone want to skin my frieza. its the cyborg model i tried to skin its body but it suked but i did good on the head though and can anyone animate it also. this is one of my first models so it might not be very good. i got the arms and the tail from the origonal frieza and the legs from the...
  9. A

    Is the Quake 3 mod out?..If so where can u dl it

    I want the Q3 mod!!!!!!!!!! I think its called Savior of strength. Is there any other Dragon Ball mods for it?
  10. phrack50

    Map Request Dr geros lab

    i have yet to have seen even a decent Dr Gero map for quake, but I'd really like to see one in esf. Heres a few ideas to start off with, if anyone wants to take the challenge. Outside the lab - Can use the same theme as ESF_Riverside Inside the lab - Computers, blinking lights, and of...
  11. SSJ n00b


    how to open a pk3 file like jedi outcast and quake 3 arena and what tutorials i need
  12. Z

    quake 3

    i need mapping tutorails for q3 and modling tutorails for q3 who can help me out ?
  13. Z

    wariors of destiny

    hy im making a game and want some modlers animators for it info: the game is mostly going to be a rpg style game with quests and stuff its a dbz game but the chars look a litle difrent and going to have another name (so funamation cant suw us hehe) its goig to be a stand alone based on the...
  14. M

    Compiling HL models?

    I'm having a bit of trouble compiling a model, I looked for the file they refeer to in this link. http://www.planetquake.com/polycount/resources/halflife/tutorials/3dsmax8.shtml It's studiomdl.exe I even ran a search for it. I'm sorry if this is an easy question and one of you get mad.
  15. G

    any1 no whare i can get buu?

  16. solidus

    Awesome Model

    Awesome Model *Gotenks* i was looking over at another forum a while back and i found this picture, and i was wondering if anyone knows what mod this model is for, or if it was ever released? i would post this where i found it, but i cant remember where it was...
  17. T

    Im searching or people who can model/skin realy good

    hey im making with some other people a mod called Dragonball Full Strenght we hope to make this mod popular and need all good help. its based on quake 3 and need very good modelers/skinners i realy thank you if you have interessed plz respond here thx heres wat we need more: www.pwnedbyhsu.com
  18. X

    3ds Max

    Sup Peoples. I am starting a thread with 3DS MAX modelling tutorial links. I would like everyone to contribute. Here they are: http://merlin.zsnes.com/tutorials/modeling/index.html http://www.planetquake.com/q3manga/oldsite/modelling_tut1.htm http://membres.lycos.fr/some1modeling/...
  19. N

    new map

    Ok, i maded a new map in 2 days of time for quake 3 arena. im not experienced in easygen so the rocks are ****ed up ^^ also remember its my 1st actual playable map :) download: http://members.lycos.nl/kevinboons/cerena.pk3 also it AINT for H-L its for Quake 3 peace out
  20. S

    I would like to hire a modeler

    Hello I need a modeler that is willing to help me and my team make a Trigun, Outlaw star, and Cowboy bebop mod. I am the sound artist and I am the founder. If you would like to help my me at [email protected] or AIM me at First Captain 05 Thanks You so much and have a great day.