1. .Maze

    Windows Desktop Themes WITHOUT an extra Prog ?

    Hi. Is there any way to use some Desktop Themes without an extra Program ? Like WindowsBlinds and StyleXP ? I once had an Taskbar called "Royality" or somehow like this. It changed the look of my Taskbar and the BG but i didnt used an extra Program for this. And now im searching for the Way...
  2. G

    Anim8or - Free Modeling/Animating Prog I have just discovered this program and tried it out. I haven't tried the animating but I tried the modeling, and it seems decent. I've used MS3D and 3DSM, so I think this program is good to start out with. Not that complicated, and can help get you...
  3. I

    NEed good special effects prog

    Hey < i am trying to make a movie And I am possitive that it will need a bunch of special effects so if anyone knows any free easy to use special effects program, or computer generated special effects program please let me know, by either posting it on my thread or by sending moi an email at...
  4. <DeurWaardeR>

    !!Prog Question!!

    I have a couple of dbz music video's and i can finaly publish them. but, they are al around 25 mb, and al made withe the win xp video prog. does anyone know a program so that i can make the size smaller but the qualaty remains the same??? :confused:
  5. M

    Stats Prog

    Is there a program which can collect stats like psychostats on ESF? or can I use pyschotats
  6. I

    finalflashtrail.spr cant extract whit sprite wizard

    i whont extract spr files
  7. P

    Prog. to record avi´s from the game...

    Hiya... im looking for a programm similure to FRAPS( )to record Videos(Avi?)from Halflife,ESF,Cs...whatever... thx O_O -=.ReadYa -.-" PiccoloSan.=-
  8. V


    Hey is that the primary prog u guys use to make maps, or is there some incredibly great OTHER prog you guys make maps with. ~RAGE
  9. F

    Did I post this here?

    Respectful Dream I really don't think I posted this here but I could be mistaken.
  10. X

    Helpz !

    Hey ppl, I got 3ds max 4 and Im wondering where I can get some modeling tutorials. Where did u guyz start. I hear max is a good program for creating models so I want to know where I can learn to model my self some dbz LoL !!!! So ty in advance for replies :devil: :tired: ;)
  11. Jaredster

    help help.

    Does anyone know where to get a palette converting prog?
  12. Wuying Ren

    Damn cool picture

    I don't made this but I must show it too you ! Its not drawed it is written.
  13. Mr. Satans

    Prog. Needed (VB/C Programmer Needed)

    I am in need of a program that hasn't been made yet & since I haven't learned VB or C yet (I'm in 1st Semester Comp. Programmign @ School, so I am using PASCAL :rolleyes: ). Anyways I don't wanna talk about what the program will do, since I dun want this idea "stolen." So if are pretty...
  14. A

    which prog??

    which programm i need to open esf beta manuel???
  15. Emeka650


    Im trying to make textures in my paintshop pro and adobe photoshop.But i dont know how to make them textures to put in valve.They say you need wad file.How do i turn them into wad files
  16. S

    Help me out please?

    lo guys my 1st post:) anyways im getin into Game Deisgn next year but im completely new so can anyone tell me a good program to use for models? maybe give me a site to vist please? thanks alot all i might try and make a modle for ESF :) anyways thanks all for ur time c ya's l8r
  17. USJTrunks

    New wallpaper

    A wallpaper I did.
  18. ZuL

    Need help with animating

    I need help with animating. If you are a talented animator, and you work with 3dsm4, please reply to this topic. I make both player models and view models and i need to learn/need help with animating them. I am not gonna ask again, so this is your chance... :) (hope lots of people want to...
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