1. Arcader

    New Score in: Puzzle Prince

    Avenger is the new Puzzle Prince champion, achieving a highscore of: 38388.000! Head over to the Arcade to claim your trophy - Play Now!
  2. Arcader

    New Highscore in: Puzzle Prince

    Z Power is the new Puzzle Prince champion, achieving a highscore of: 39618.000! Head over to the Arcade to claim your trophy - Play Now!
  3. Arcader

    New Highscore in: Puzzle Prince

    Deverz is the new Puzzle Prince champion, achieving a highscore of: 37452.000! Head over to the Arcade to claim your trophy - Play Now!
  4. Dzamija

    Yet Another Prince of Persia Game All I can say is: What the ****, Ubisoft? There's been seven, already. It's getting old, for ****'s sake. (Counting the first Prince of Persia, Prince of Persia 2 and the wannabe Prince of Persia 3D)
  5. -Origin

    New Prince of Persia preview.

    Hell yeah.
  6. Mr.Lukyas

    Prince of Persia

  7. G

    Fresh Prince of Bel Air

    Does anyone still watch this show? I do, I think its halarious like this scene from the episode where ashley almost became a model xD
  8. L

    The Prince

    Made this today, nothing spectaculer, just trying to improve my photoshop skills (wich arent that good :D). The only thing that bothers my is the text, it dosent look to good. Some crits please.
  9. C

    Vegeta - The Saiyan Prince is back :D

    crits and comments are appreciated
  10. Warrior Whithin

    Prince of Persia or Ninja Gaidan

    So I argue with an peerson who is better (dont know who is this gaidan) so who is the best PRINCE OF PERSIA or gaiden I'm for prince of persia :yes:
  11. -Blaze-

    Can't run Prince of Persia: Sand of Time

    I played it in my friends hause, the games impressive, so i borrowed the game, but it doesnt start on my pc: My pc Profile: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor 699MHz, 256MB RAM ViewSonic GA655 with NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 100/200 What minimum recuirements is to run POP sand of time?
  12. G

    Prince of Persia & German Naval Base Level on a tropical island

    Upon the request of many peoples to post this here I decided to show you my recent work 3 months ago: Modeled and skinned this guy: And rigged this guy with my own biped And why not...
  13. Suh Dude

    Prince of Persia signature

    Rawr, I haven't touched Photoshop for weeks. Just seeing if I still have my brushing touch, but seems I don't anymore... Look at the current my signature. C&C is welcomed... but I didn't save the psd.
  14. G

    Prince Of Persia - unknown name

    The past couple of days I started to work at this model on another PC (long story). Here is how it turned: And two renders: And a none smooth pic: And a space pod I did a few days ago for my arrival map. I decided to go a little highere with the door knowing that I will...
  15. E

    Prince of Persia siggy

    Took me 20 mins to make it >_O crits 0-10 thx
  16. Phobius

    Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

    Well first thing I got to say is this is one of the shortest games in the series and only deserves a rent which I should have done but was stupid enough to buy it heh. Don't get me wrong though this is still a great game with new additions like the speed kill but timing things always piss me...
  17. Z

    prince of persia (wip)

    haha real sprry bout that,Here is a very early wip of the prince from Warrior Within. Ill get a side view and some wires in a bit. C&C welcome. *update*
  18. imported_EVIL_GOKU

    Prince of Persia 3

    Ubisoft sayz that the releash date of the game will be this year :D And this are teh official picturez
  19. Phobius

    Prince of Persia Warrior Within (discussion & Spoilers)

    Well I've been playing PoP2 WW for about 5 days now and all I have too say is WOW this game is freakin sweet. I would still like too know about this rumour of having no puzzles because the game I'm playing has tons of them. I'm a little pissed off they didn't keep the cinema cutscenes like...
  20. PiXel

    Meet the Prince of Darkness wich is closed in a Sig!

    Thanks to TekNik for his tut.! (I used that to ^^ but forgot to leave some points ^^) So here my new try ... so as u knew! Crits and comments plz.! :]