1. U

    Practice mode and buttons showing

    Yeah the title is a difficult to understand, but here is what I mean: Practice mode which just lets you introduce to esf world by showing the buttons or the keys (like press space button to fly...) and lets you interact with a bot with step by step. Also gives you introduction what the...
  2. God Gundam

    For a bit of fun and to practice my texturing.....

    Im currently working on this!.... this is a comparison of the 2 meshes, as you can see the new one is much cleaner D=, But still needs tweaking, oh well, back to work T_T
  3. MinioN

    My latest drawings - practice

    Well i'm still practicing and i think i'm really close to finnaly buy tablet :D So here are my latest drawings: Also go to to see the other and ofcourse For cool speed drawings :D EDIT: Please comment my speed drawings on youtube :P tnx
  4. Lord Killmore

    Practice some stuff*sword inside xD*

    meh yeah i thought i could practice a bit since i didnt do much stuff lately so meh i wanted to have some fun with the 1. Zanpakutou that Ichigo gets*kinda like this one* just some skinning pracitce n stuff. only did the bumps so far though xD enjoy*large pics* Polycount is at 389 Tris...
  5. Kyo


    i've been doing alot of tuts latly and this is what i got what cha thik :laff: and can u rate it plz
  6. S

    set up practice server?

    I try to set one up with bots only but ppl keep joining, how do I stop them?
  7. L

    Skinning Practice

    :O, Hi there =p. Well, Ive been wanting to practice skinning more.. so I modeled a bit of goku. This is my... 2nd skin.. (3rd if you count my little doodle I did on tek's krillen :3.) Comments? Suggestions? (Anyone want to help me with my folds? >_<.
  8. Kurisutaru

    New Sig Practice : Pgsm Mars

    Im trying out new things to do with sigs and i like to be creative or somewhat creative XD. The character is Sailor Mars aka Hino Rei from Pgsm:Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. No passed the tackieness that you might think of the show please, i just wanan know if i could improve thses and or if...
  9. imported_Lone_WolF


    ok..well...i need some what i need i a desent fighter with some ablitity in the game....don`t want a elite though..hehe...
  10. R

    metal practice

    made this to practice my metal skinning.
  11. TeKNiK

    Lil Practice!

    just trying some stuff..
  12. Shao

    "All Out" Game Mode [Training or Practice Mode]

    One thing I'd love to have is a mode where you can fight and go all out. Basically, the players would be more or less invincible. No special changes, the attacks and PL accumulation would work exactly the same, there just wouldn't be any deaths. That way you can keep fighting and going all out...
  13. S

    Practice bots?

    Is there a bot that just stands doing nothing so you can practice melee attacks?
  14. E

    Flash stick practice

    i havnt touched flash in a while so beware, being in school holidays now ive decided to make a stick death as my holiday project to kill boredom. I havnt started it yet but i have started practicing as im preaty rusty. heres my first practice animation , its preaty short ;/. ill post more and...
  15. Alteh

    Cloud practice

    A tutorial helped me out with this one. It was fun thought.
  16. Gogeta91

    new modeler,lookin for ussj trunks

    Hi im a new modeler and i love playin ESF. I want to know if nyone has a Ussj trunks model and/or tell me a great program to make them. :talk:
  17. Kman3252

    Newbie Modeler - First model

    I guess this is my first model since ive never completed one of my models before. I dont think im going to make a full model out of this its just for practice. crits please
  18. Shuyin

    Forum Banner *Request*

    Ok, i have a forum And we need a decent banner. I can make an ok one, but ive seen some real talent here and i thought one of you might be up for making one. Instructions : The banner must be 600 x 100 pixels and no more. The image has no specific theme, but must contain the...
  19. Darkside


    new iod map out by me :D, i'm too lazy to post screenshots right now, but u can get the map here...
  20. G

    Little something....

    Model by turk skin by me no the model wont be released or anything or given out, im just doing this for practice. all crits welcome, just none about the model cuz I cant do anything about that lol.