1. H

    Powerstruggles, how will they work exactly...?

    I've seen you talk about them in another thread, but I never fully understood what happens. I've seen that with the new system, you both blast each other with a beam, then the struggles begins... If I understood it right, you can put more power into the beam as sorta 'bursts'? I...
  2. B


    Hello, I think the Powerstruggles in the Beta are pretty good right now. But i have a suggestion that i would like to make about them. When Adding to the powerstruggle by pumping in more power, The head of your beam Doesnt increase in size. It should be when u first do a powerstruggle the...
  3. dan_esf_fanatic


    Hey, I got a question. In 1.3 will powerstruggles be straight like they were in the alphas? I liked that system much better than the betas, and it must be due to a bug, so will the team fix it?
  4. imkongkong

    suggestion for powerstruggles

    seeing how the powerstruggle can be pumped, i think in order to make it seem powerful when you pump the ball going to it should be a bit slow, and when it hits the head of the struggle it would get bigger like an explosion then go back to it's regular ball size. more power going into it
  5. Ravendust

    Ki Damage In Powerstruggles

    You know that episode of DBZ where SSJ2 Gohan kills Cell? Episode 176? Well when Gohan and Cell are 'struggling the rest of the (live) Z fighters got behind Cell and started attacking him, then Vegeta fired a Big Bang (or a Final Flash Ball, it was gold) and Cell looked up 'distracted', then...
  6. D

    fixing PowerStruggles for 1.3?

    I was just wondering if ESF is going to fix PowerStruggles in 1.3. Right now when you PS with two or more beams, the beams appear next to each other and fly off in some random direction until they explode on the end of the map. That is not what PSing should look like. In the show, when...
  7. S


    I was trying to power struggle with someone. We both fired our kamehamehas then mine went through his and killed my opponent.
  8. I

    Huge Powerstruggles

    The only example I can think of would be the final Gohan vs Cell powerstruggle that happened in the "Save the World" episode. Basically I think (after the melee upgrade) the team should upgrade the powerstruggles. Once you get to a certain powerlevel, Powerstruggles should get much bigger.and...
  9. M

    change character in powerstruggles...

    did you know that if you are in a power struggle and you change your character to another character of the same allignment (good/evil) with some exceptions... you can changewithout dying... and you get the PL you had before you changed... If this has been brought up already, im sorry for...
  10. Y

    How i join multiple powerstruggles???

    Maybe it`s the server, that doesnt allow them. But i cant join other people`s ps. I tried shooting to the connection and to the guy but i cant make it! Where is it that i have to shoot?? :talk: I KNOW THAT I CANT JOIN A KAME VS KAME WITH A BLUE BEAM:talk:
  11. JDeezNutz

    multiple powerstruggles

    all i have to say, good job, just imagin 5 Vs 5 and you look beside well, need i say more?
  12. drevilz4l

    Multiple Powerstruggles?

    Just curoius as to what that exactly means. I have sort of an idea but am not sure. THanks!
  13. drevilz4l

    Cool Idea for Powerstruggles.

    OK during a power struggle now you can push turbo and boost your powerlevel. WHat if there was a way to boost it more and start slowly draining your health. That way you could get that little extra power to win the struggle. Just a thought.
  14. Trov

    How powerstruggles should be done

    While ESF's powerstruggles are good, they lack a certain something. And that something is the ability to used more energy in it. The weak will always perish even with turbo to an enemy twice as strong. What I think is that while in a powerstruggle, one should be able to charge a round of...
  15. Darkside


    i think it'd be a cool effect if wen having a ps, the ball the 2 beams make wen they collide gradually grows depending on how much power you put into it (how high pl is) kind of like what DMZ has in their ps's just not so big that you cant even look at your monitor without going blind
  16. M


    Just wondering, would it be possible to have the two colliding beams just get bigger in size slowly if two ppl are around even pl's? Like if the other person's pl was around a 1:1 ratio compared to yours, they'd stop and just get bigger slowly until the other person run's out of ki or something...
  17. Cold Steel


    When you have a power struggle in esf you can't create a ticker beam,what i mean is in the show when they are losing a powerstruggle they push their ki and boost their beams and make them larger and stronger.wouldn't this be great option in esf,like when you're in a powerstruggle and you push...
  18. NightShade


    Will the powerstruggles be the same. i mean in speed. a huge power beam should be slow getting to target. giving you time to pump in ki or even go super. thats only with huge power stuggles. but thats me. any changes going be made to it
  19. V


    i wanted to ask how i can win a powerstruggl in esf, cause i lose all the time *grml* could someone help me please? ^_^ Vegeta-THE one