1. Skyrider

    [Old PotW] PoTW: Inner Buu PowerStruggle

    A Power Struggle with the camera angle made from the side done within the map Inner Buu. <a href="http://esforces.com/uploads/images/potw/innerbuu-powerstruggle.jpg" rel="prettyPhoto[ESF]"><img src="http://esforces.com/uploads/images/potw/thumbs/innerbuu-powerstruggle_t.jpg"></a> Best PoTW in...
  2. Plakman

    Powerstruggle --> beamstruggle

    i know i have suggested this before but it's more than a year ago :P the point is once you are blocking a beam you should be able to charge a kamehameha to send the beam back or another beam that is capable of beamstruggling... clip: http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=K2Zoqdlvmi0&feature=related...
  3. S

    Powerstruggle Transformation

    You see it alot in the series.. When someone throws a big Kamehameha or attack, they transform to make it extra powerfull, or when Goku transforms after throwing the spirit bomb to give it alot of speed.. It would be pretty neat if it allows you to transform in powerstruggles or very...
  4. imkongkong

    Big bar in Powerstruggle bar

    with the new system of powerstruggling, since you're able to pump ki into the beam now, it might be hard to judge where the middle of the beam would be. currently, the middle bar that moves only shows who's stronger, thus who would push the beam. why not add a bar to the side of the struggle...
  5. ~Dark Trunks~

    team battle powerstruggle suggestion =)

    ok i jus made a server and me and a bunch of people were fighting for a good minute team powerstruggling and such and a good idea came to mind. ok u kno how u are on teams and such and some times u ps and ur team member can throw a beam into it to help u out. well wut i was thinkin was if u...
  6. R

    PowerStruggle Bug/SB

    I just noticed this bug now. I was playing on a Beam only map and I was in the middle of a PS while this guy threw a SB at me and It killed me while I was PSing....so then I tried it again with a friend and happened again. So while you are in a PS a SB can kill u.
  7. O

    Powerstruggle suggestion

    2 ideas for putting more ki in a beam while powerstruggling: Press 'w' to increase ki drain and 's' to decrease. Press left mouse button to increase and right button to decrease.
  8. R

    PowerStruggle bar doesn't display who's winning

    Hello :) I have a problem with ESF: when i'lm in a powerstruggle (beam, Clsoe Combat etc..) i can see the red and blue part, but the "line" which displays wh'os winning, is so thin (maybe 1pixel) that it's hard for me to know if i will win or not. i've tried to play with an another hud...
  9. G

    new powerstruggle question

    well i had read the new powerstruggle system.. with sides , back and front of the beam. so... what if someone is powerstruggling with someone and i help one side on the back. so then it's 2 vs 1 and obviously 2 will win.. but then who will get the kill? the one that has put the most...
  10. Sicron

    huh powerstruggle?

    Ok since i cant play 1.2 coz of steam, ive been seeing ppl (or rather...seeing there typed text :p) complain about powerstruggles so my question is....what happend with the powerstruggles? what did they change :scared:
  11. imkongkong


    here i posted some pictures of the current powerstruggle now to some it up in one picture my suggestion the top is the current way a powerstruggle ends up.. the bottom is what im suggesting.. combine the beams, make it look more like a powerstruggle in the show
  12. imkongkong

    powerstruggle ki balls

    in the show goku was able to powerstruggle the spirit bomb with kidd buu.. why not make the other ball moves like trunks finishing buster, vegeta's big bang, frieza's death ball, goku's spirit bomb struggleable? :p :cool: ;/ ;/ ;/ ;/ ;/ O_O
  13. Rajinken

    a new powerstruggle

    depending on how much energy you put into the beam and pl of cource instead of the 2 beams just moving together towards a person what if like in the cell saga when gohan and cell were powerstruggling this option avaliable when your on the ground so it seems to go into the ground and will move on...
  14. Sicron

    "Upgrading" beams in a powerstruggle

    well how about being able to "upgrade" a beam in a ps? just like goku did when he was ps-ing with vegeta in the saiyan saga, he couldnt win from vegeta so he screamed a bit and his beam got bigger and he started winning again, that was also in the cell saga, gohan was losing then he got...
  15. Alex_b77


    how about in a ps where the two beam heads meet, there could be some kind of cool lighting effect..... maybe it would look like in GT when ssj4 gogeta/vegetto (one of those) uses big bang kamehameha...........that would look cool
  16. J

    transform in a powerstruggle

    I thought you would be able to transform in a powerstruggle in beta 1.1 if you reach perfect transform level:confused: o_o well, I tried it and it didn't work at all so plz ESF team, if you read this, plz add it to beta 1.2
  17. A

    powerstruggle idea

    i was thinking instead of the beam heads just pushing eachother the beams should "clash" an example would be when gohan (ssj2) and cell had that huge powerstruggle when their beams met and were shaking up the earth... what do you guys think? -by the way Im having problems... :cry: man, the...
  18. Froggo

    Transformation During Powerstruggle

    I was just thinking that actually this happened and it would give some nice effect :D Meanwhile your powerstruggeling you can go Super saiya-jin/transform, Maybe only if you have more then the normal transformation pl, Maybe not, But this would give some nice effect and would maybe also give...
  19. C

    Powerstruggle Question

    Whenever I powerstruggle, I hold down the right mouse button because when I do, I see the bar on the meter off to the side jump, but I lose powerstruggles an awful lot. Am I doing this correctly? I have mouse 1 bound to swoop and mouse 2 bound to whack.
  20. R

    A qusetion about Powerstruggle

    Is it possiable to win a powerstruggle with generic beam when the other player uses a strong beam like a kamehameha? If so, how can you do that?
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