1. IceX

    Tera online F2P mmorpg - anybody playing?

    I'm sure most of you have already heared of it. It recently went to F2P and honestly I really like it so far, even though I always hated these types of games. I'm currently playing as lvl 33 sorcerer, is anybody else playing?
  2. D

    Playing on linux

    anyone know if I can just take the files from the installer and plop them into my half life folder like I would in windows?
  3. H

    Where is everyone playing??

    So i brought Half life and downloaded ESF 1.2.3 full but there is never anyone actually on any of the servers?? Am i missing something? Or does no one actually play the game? I also downloaded the ESF Final Beta but there was no servers?
  4. M

    Why i won't be playing 1.3

    Because Aimbots run rampant on 1.2.3 And devs here just deny they are even able to run on esf. Well, they do. So does C/S / Halflife Speed hack. So Does disable Hack (Makes it so while they hold a button you can't do anything at all, person usually presses it for just a few seconds...
  5. The Deco

    Playing GTA 4 in the epiciest way possible

    Playing GTA IV in first person, BOTH IN CAR AND OUT! All you need is a custom car pack and the first person mod. It is so amazing it made me play GTA again, and I never play a game for the 2nd time, especially action games.
  6. Damaera

    Adult Swim is currently playing the cruelest April Fools joke ever

    They're currently replacing their scheduling tonight with **** from Toonami. This is so ******* nostalgic, I love it. They're even using the old versions of Tom to add on to it. It seems they put some pretty decent effort into this ****. They even aired a Mass Effect 3 review with Tom's...
  7. B

    Who's gonna be playing SW:TOR?

    Just wondering who is going to be playing SW:TOR and if you want to play together. Myself, along with a few guys from work will be setting up a guild on a server I can't remember as of yet. We'll be going as sith. I am pretty sure the server we have picked out is a PvE server but I'm trying to...
  8. N

    need help with playing!

    i got tired of trying to validate so first off im sorry this isnt in the help section. anyways i have Earth Special Forces Reversed v1.1 Package installed, and half life, but esf isnt in my games list.
  9. M

    About playing the game!!!

    I have not official Half-life 1 and i want to play the another way to play the game without buy the game??? i really want to play Dragonball game....if it is another way please tell that to me ---------- Double Post below was added at 04:27 PM has been merged with this post created...
  10. Deathshot

    Loggest Time Spent Playing an MMO.

    Seriously... This game isn't that good...
  11. A

    Searching for EU people to START playing on Russian L2 servers

    Hi there, So as the tittle states, I am looking for Europians to play with me on OFFICIAL Russian L2 servers. It FREE, botting there is absolutely impossible and if you manage somehow to get something working, patches are weekly and its bye bye, also GM's are very active and they will...
  12. M

    What Are You Playing Now?

    Seeing as how Painkiller's thread is asking about specific video games... What video games are you playing now?
  13. Painkiller

    Which of these games are you playing now?

    As the title says. I simply want to see which of those games are played the most.
  14. Painkiller

    Playing Multiplayer Fighting game on 2 pcs

    Hey guys I'm sending M.A.M.E. 32 to my cousin right now. He wants us to play that game, ofc it can be played on 1 pc only. So if there's a software good enough for me to enter his PC and play the game. Something like TeamViewer, but better, ofcourse.
  15. S

    Appreciation, and a story.

    First, I want to thank every one of the people that have worked on this mod. It's incredible what they've done with the HL1 engine. Can't wait for the final game. Seriously, a big world of appreciation. I feel like I can't overstate that enough before I tell this story of a certain...
  16. M

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Announced

  17. Growler

    Doppler effect and other FX

    When a player flies across your screen, I think a feature that would further immerse the player in the game would be the Doppler effect. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what the Doppler effect is (Just listen to the first soundclip...): I...
  18. FreeDoM

    Wanting Aion trial..

    Has anyone been playing Aion for +3 months that can send me a friend request? you could possibly gain a free month, but i want to make sure my PC can handle it before I buy this. [email protected] Thanks =)
  19. D

    (Help) I Think this might be right

    Ok so to get goku to a kid we need black star dragon and once we do that we ened to turn him into ssj3 and make a wish for the moon then we can do ssj4 is this right or not I have been wondering this for a few days now and i cant figure it out Iam playing the extension p.s 3...
  20. Z

    New FX?

    Hello guys, Haven't been playing ESF for ages now, but just popped by and loved the XMAS trailer. The graffics look amazing. Are those graphics already out in a playable version? Cause the Open Beta link shows screenshots with the old pixely fx. Thanks.