1. B

    cannot play at all because of dll error

    I have just downloaded and installed ESF but I cannot even play on my own because I keep getting the error: could not load library C:\SIERRA\Half-Life/ESF/cl_dlls\client.dll How can I fix this so I can play?
  2. S

    Appreciation, and a story.

    First, I want to thank every one of the people that have worked on this mod. It's incredible what they've done with the HL1 engine. Can't wait for the final game. Seriously, a big world of appreciation. I feel like I can't overstate that enough before I tell this story of a certain...
  3. N

    I have a question..

    Hey, I have a litlle question: Can i add bots to my server? because i want to play with my friend and we are only 2 so i want to add bots to the server.. If yes tell me how please.. THanks.
  4. Zero12

    Hello people

    Hi the names Zero12 and i love me some esf and half life you will remember me as vegetafan or something forgot that account well i got half life by steam ;) and now i will use it with the right way i will now play some esf now lol and i will respect the rules nicely and the right way yes i like...
  5. K

    Vegetto Gogeta Goteks

    Why i cant play with this charters Vegetto Gogeta Goteks ???? ---------- Double Post below was added at - 11:09 AM has been merged with this post created - 11:08 AM at ---------- v1.2.3 version
  6. R

    Need some help

    I don't use steam I use ESF 1.2.3. with ECX RC2 with Big Pack 8.4 I have Half-Life 1 w/ ESF and a Half-Life+CS1.6 combined version I use Router All drivers u2d 2 things i want to ask 1., How to evolve to SSJ4 with Goku or Vegeta? I have 25 million KI in _normal_mode (so in ssj3...
  7. MrPlow

    Picky DVD-RW?

    Alright i found my "old" Oblivion DVD and decided to install the game since i wanted to play some RPG. Anyway i pop the disc in and my DVD-RW starts "reading" it and then it "autoruns" but the autorun is an empty disc window and it's like there is nothing on the DVD but when i click on...
  8. D

    Gaming Laptop

    I need one. I move around too much to build another desktop so I have no other choice. I haven't kept up with computer specs over the last two years so I'm out of the loop. I've been looking at Sager's NP9850 and 9280, as well as Alienware's M17x. I have $3k to play around with, though I'm...
  9. Spunky

    Wanted: New Sub

    If anyone is up for the job, I need a new Sub. This means someone who: Is smarter than the rest of this forum. Listens to ****ty acoustic music. Tells me all about their love for ****ty acoustic music. Reads Reddit religiously. Occasionally sends me awesome pictures and videos. Is willing to...
  10. K​.part1​.rar

    I cant play Esf 1.3. when i go in the game it just closes i tried it 20 times i restarted my computer and still it doesent work ---------- Double Post below was added at - 11:54 AM has been merged with this post created - 11:42 AM at ---------- I have CS 1.6 and Half-Life, but when i start up...
  11. X

    I need help but will not be able to play!

    I need help but will not be able to play! I have installed CS 1.6 'esfb123' inside the folder half-life after 'ECX RC2' and finally 'Big Pack8.4' I get into the game normally but when I create game to get the error message " Reading bot_names file ... done Reading bot_chat file ... done...
  12. B

    Does anyone still play in europe?

    Are there people still playing this in europe? I've played a while ago and just downloaded again, but all I see is 1 empty server with a nice ping, and servers with ping 300+ that are crowded. Any ideas?
  13. A

    I Cant Play Esf With Peace Because Of This Problem!!

    Hard To Explain But I Got The Picture I Cant Put The link Cause Of This " In an effort to stamp out forum SPAM only members with 5 posts or more can post website links or email addresses. " IF YOU WANT PICTURE...PM ME....PLSS....HELP ME.....:fight:
  14. R

    Cant play online

    Hello I just bought Half Life 1 and installed ESF ECX2 I try to find a server but it takes aaaageeeeessss. I got REAL Steam I got a valid copy of HL1 And my internet is fast. Whats wrong? can you help me?
  15. SG_SSJ!

    How can I play ESF 1.3

    I need help, I installed the ESF beta 1.3 but I can't see the exe file anywere.HELP! PS: I use Steam!
  16. G

    Can i play Esf open beta final without Half life 1 on steam ?

    hello! . I have an problem... i cant get half life... i havent the posibility to buy it... and i'm whodering.... if i can play with a regulary half life on valve.. (not steam).. I tried before to install esf.. and i succeded ...finally;but after i chosed the map i added a bot and i started...
  17. D


    When i start ESF i got an error: Could not open bitmap file gfx/shell/btns_main.bmp what can i do help me please:cry:
  18. C

    Not able to play online!!! HELPPPPP!

    Hey guys, i am facing a big problem whenever i try to play Earth's Special Forces online... I am using a valid copy of Half Life 1, Counter Strike 1.6 (My friend gave me the cd's and they are original ones) and i am also using Steam to play online... I am able to play Half Life 1 online using...
  19. K

    How to play ESF 1.3 > Help (=

    First of all I know that I have an account on steam, it has already acquired and also has the half life 2 ... I know how to play Dragon Ball FHS 1.3, already downloaded the game and also have steam, but do not know how to install, the folder of steam folders found in the game but has neither an...
  20. Tsunami

    Let's play with Akinator! This thing asks you a variety of questions, and will guess of the person/character that you're thinking of. From real life to video games and anime/manga. Out of the 5 I've done, he got 4 right. Good time waster for a bit, or for a rainy day.