1. Naturphoenix

    Natur's pics

    As requested 1 thread. I was asked to make a character in dbz context. This is what I came up with in 20 minutes and it reminds me of goku. Completely free drawn not a look at a dbz character. For ****'s and giggles I added a God Of War 3 Kratos I drew up.
  2. Naturphoenix

    Some dbz pics I sketched

    Lol I haven't drawn in about 8 years, however when I was younger dbz was my favorite anime to draw. I drew both goku's back to back about 2 weeks ago and gohan I am working on currently. His eyes are by far the hardest to draw, they are always tiny and odd shaped versus goku's. Wonder if his are...
  3. Mr. Satans

    Just got my GF to model for my car [PICS]

    2004 Integra
  4. SS4 Gogeta

    New Pics of Mars
  5. KYnetiK

    A few pics

    Just wondering what ya's reckon of a few of my pics. Ive had to scale them down a bit. The unfinished one is a WIP, i keep changing my mind about his pose. Any suggestions?
  6. M

    Sega Dreamcast 2 - With Pics

    I wish this was real. :cry:
  7. K

    Post your ESF 1.3 funky pics!

    Well, I've decided to create a topic for 1.3 pics... Coz Ravendust created in other forum... SO, post! ;)
  8. M

    Ninja Gaiden II Press Pics leaked?

    Well, according to Joystiq, the official 360 Japan website accidentally put up a number of pictures from Ninja Gaiden II. Being very bloody. saved said images. VIOLENCE. Blood and Gore everywhere, the blood reminds me of Kool-Aid.
  9. J

    BIG PICS - partial nudity - come crit.

    crit/comment, when i put him into mudbox tomrrow, i'll make any adjustments that are suggested. within reason.
  10. Almighty_Gir

    BIG PICS - partial nudity - come crit.

    crit/comment, when i put him into mudbox tomrrow, i'll make any adjustments that are suggested. within reason.
  11. dan_esf_fanatic

    KidBoy pics.

    I want to know about this. Every once in a while someone mentions KidBoy's naked pics or something, now I for one don't know anything about it. Could someone explain it all to me? Cause I'm interested xD P.S. Sorry if it's against the rules to ask this xD
  12. dan_esf_fanatic

    Funniest Pics Thread....The Sequel..

    Post ur funny pics, here's mine:
  13. LionHeart

    ref pics for pirate ship

    i found some but i still haven't found realy precise ones, and i desperatly need a acurate pic of the back of the ship even if it's from an angle but i want to see it how does it look from the back
  14. Dokutayuu

    Custom Class Select Pics fail?

    I try to use custom pics (128 by 256 .TGA) but when I load ESF and go to class select, there's nothing there? Have I done something wrong?
  15. elNarr

    Funniest Pics Thread!

    okay, post some pictures what look dumb, or are somehow anyway funny! ill start: image removed - AxMan :)
  16. S

    FF13 scans... and some ff7 stuff :o (a lot of pics)
  17. gokucool44

    post your pics hier

    lets see who have the bitter pics
  18. ShadyD

    Sketch Thread? ;0 (big pics!)

    First post in Artwork forums, ^^! Got em? post em! :D meh ill start messed up the right pose meet Henk :P and finally its BOB! Oh yeah!! (i dont suck at making up names =(. )
  19. K

    Kyo's New Ride [Dial-Up Warning - pics]

    After months of waiting I've finally gotten my new ride! Nothing too flash, its a 1998 Mitsubishi Magna Altera LS. Those from the US or Canada might recognise it as a Diamante. Its got the 3 litre V6 manufacture in Australia with 141kw. Its not a fast car by any means taking a full 11 seconds...
  20. J

    Pics of your Home Cinema

    hey guys, figured I'd make a thread about TV's and all cool things you have in your room/livingroom. I bought this sony bravia a few months ago, wanted to share it's coolness with you guys :) don't have a surround set though..will get that sometime :O