1. S

    New edited gogeta

    Hey guys ive edited that ssj gogeta that u can find on redsaiyan i dont know hwo did the pack but i have a pic of it but i dont know how to post it sry but i hope that u guys could help me with that And one more thing i wont release it until i know hwo is the right creator of it bye the way...
  2. JDeezNutz

    pick ups

    i really have not teh foggest idea if this has been suggested before and if it has dont tell me to search cause frankly i can't be arsed! but i think it would be a ok idea if you could pick up "pick ups" not for the weapons like immortaly for 20 seconds or something, something silly like...
  3. J

    pick up trunks' sword

    I don't know if this is any good but it would be cool that if trunks dies, another player (not trunks) is able to pick up his sword. if no1 picks it up in 10 sec it disappears and if some1 picks it up, their speed would decrease, and they can attack with the sword, but it won't go as fast as...
  4. Pacalon

    How To Pick A 1337 ESF Name

    First: Use a big cool word, like Super, Final, or Upgraded If you want to add extra effect, put it in all caps. Second: Add in a race from the show. Don't use too many unknown races either, as that will draw back from the effect of it all. Examples: Saiyan, Construct, Namek Next...
  5. HyperSaiyaman


    u should make the map of the supreme planet where its the Z sword thats another good map, and the other map i want tell ya to you to make its the inside and out of the capsule corp. that will take a while cuz its huge inside but it worth it
  6. K

    who brolly replace?

    i download a brolly cher and the file name is: "brolly.mdl" and i dont now to what chenge the name(guko,vegeta.....)
  7. S

    Gotenks WIP

    Hey, I've been working on skinning a Gotenks q3 model an converting it to Esf for a while now (It will be released with normal ssj and ssj3 with a sound pack and new transform anims etc). This is my first dbz skin, and I think I've done okay..., These pics are kinda old..as the skin (of...
  8. D

    how do i become a beta testeR?

    How do you become a betA tester?? :]
  9. V

    i need an adult gohan soundpack

    i need an adult gohan sound pack:cry: :cry: :cry: post it here please:cry: :cry:
  10. Super_Vegeta.LE

    Looking for a skinner

    Hi guys, well, im looking for a talented skinner, who would out of the goodness of his(or her) heart, like to skin some of my models :) they obviously will get full credit for it, and if they have the ability to teach me how to then im all for that too :) soo, if anybody wants to do this...
  11. T

    My new sig.

    do you guys like my new sig? or is my older one better?
  12. Marauder

    witch is better?

  13. DaKD

    Are my models @$!%

    well i need to see how i stand and if i need to try harder at modeling so tell me what u think
  14. SA_Gohan

    Model Pack

    Okeydokey, hello all. I've decided that I'm going to create my own model pack containing the dbz character's we all know and love. Since this is my first pack ever, it will contain only a few character's, perhaps only two on the following list. - Pan - Videl - Number 18 - Vegito -...
  15. Hsu

    Psx Finalist

    Here is a list of the three finalist for the PSX cover contest. Ghoststalker's Entry Nazghul's Entry Wraith's Entry Please vote for one of these three finalist. Also do not complain if your entry was not entered. All of them were great but we could only pick three at the end.
  16. MaX

    Need A good Modeler To make custom models for a map

    if u can model well post some pics here. me and a friend are makin a Sven-Coop Cristmas map and we need someone to make custom models like A santa elf,snowman and weapon models to if ya can anyway im makin the textures friend mapin and texturing,. ifu have icq. icq me at 174171640. icq me if...
  17. R

    Milkshape !

    I'm a newbee in half life modeling but not in dbz modeling. I only want to know how to import mdl model in milkshape please or in 3dsmax, thanks !!!
  18. B

    Favourite Modeler.

    The last thread that attempted this kinda got mixed up and wasn't overall a nice thread. I am doing this because i noticed a decent interest in the thread. Those that want added to the list please tell me, in the thread. You have to post an example of your work to help with the judgeing! :D...
  19. Mr. Satans

    Fatmanterror> SSJ Mystic Gohan

    Just wanted to tell ya that I edited your Mystic Gohan skin & made a SSJ Mystic Gohan. I don't wanna upload it to my webspace so contact me or have DakD contact meh & i'll send.
  20. B

    model n00b

    Hey im a model n00b and im working with milkshape 3d :D and ehm how i open a esf model in milkshape so i can try some stuff on those models.