1. suicidal_maniac

    Newber Sigs!!

    I made two new sigs for all the newbers out there. This is an alternative to Dudemans sigs. If you like use them. I made one for ESF and one for anyother forum. Feel free to use either one without giving credit to me. To use these sigs put this in your Signature option in your User...
  2. N

    funniest pick up linez

    ok just post some of the funniest ones u heard or the ones taht are just plain stupid... stupid one "are you form tennesee?" "no.. y?" youre the only ten i see"
  3. [SAS]Orion

    Which sig shoulg I use?

    Which sig should I use? I got two siggehs I like, and I don't know which to j00se oO Which one should I use?
  4. S

    how to add the dammn sky!

    how could i add the sky? i only know that i must go to "maps änd than "map properties" but than whut i have to do?? plz help me:cry:
  5. S

    where to get a MODEL!!!!!

    hi all i want to work on a model. but where i can get a model to work on it? i searchedo_o in every corner. and now im tired:tired: of all the searching so i thought ill Thread too ask other ppl and now i will w8 for awnser.
  6. S

    could you make a vegetto or gogeta?

    Could you have for esf a vegetto/gogeta/gotenks? it would be much cooler if that could. :]
  7. xstortionist

    Perfect Cell Teaser!!!!! WIP

    here is the Perfect Cell I was working on....Lots of tweaking to be made on the arms.
  8. Ecchi Pr0n

    ATTENSION ]V[ajin will now be something i pick later after a long poll and discusion

    yah im changging my name to something else ohh i voted for cheese just to keep it fair post and poll what you feel
  9. M

    Need Help

    Im new to modeling and im using milkshape3d. I saved my model in .ms3d and dont know how to convert it to .mdl Can anyone help????
  10. R

    vegeta..almost done

    vegeta almsot done properations are bad(but it is old lone so..)
  11. T

    Preview of a model in progress

    Here's a little preview of a model I'm currently working on. It is an altered version of Pyrofragger's public model. Optimized for use in Half-Life (Lower Polycount). Thanks for the base, Pyro. Just so you know, it is a modified version of Pyrofragger's public model he released. I used it as...