1. 2mental

    1.3 vegeta re-skin...need permission

    hey i got a nice vegeta look i wanna do and sure you will all recognise i just need 2 things....permission from god gundam+kama to use some skin from their broly and also need permission to reskin the beta 1.3 vegeta please reply as soon as possible thanks..;D
  2. M

    ESF Team Permission

    I don't know how to contact the team, or who on the team I'm supposed to contact, so I created this thread. I took the ESF Alpha maps with the map .txt files, environment maps, and the .wad files and included them into a .rar file. I only changed two things: 1. I added the word "alpha" to...
  3. K

    Permission to play with ESF

    I was wondering if I could have permission to play with ESF porting to HL2 engine. Really just models and stuff and playing with the physics engine and beams.
  4. A

    ESF Team Read! Official ESF Models used w/out Permission!

    Did anyone on the ESF team and people who made the models THIS
  5. Cold Steel

    Someone's hosting maps without permission

    There's someone who is hosting my maps without my permission, same goes for taz00, this is the site Please remove my maps and taz00's, and it will not be a big deal, however, if i still see them being on that site next week, it will be a big deal...
  6. S


    Check out my Oozaru, it´s not done yet but almost!! it´s really big! Oozaru!!
  7. Goten-son

    Permission for models

    Hey i plan on adding ESF stuff for download on my site soon, and was wondering if i could use the models i find off Red Saiyan or other ESF sites to put up for download on my site. I have been told i need permission first, but when i unzip most of the models theres no e-mail or AIM screen name...
  8. W

    NewTrunks pack d0ne 100%!

    ohh yea ! my new trunks pack is done!!! well my new edit pack :) first credits: L0GA N4434 for the new trunks model and to me for create this new trunks :) without jacket and new shirt skin and now sword :) and new animate thet i dont know who create :P and almost forgot it Big credit to...
  9. W

    Cell_Sega_gohan+ pic+dl !

    got damn! duds! look i got ssj2gohan model. and i just need u to make me ssj gohan hair ! u see look this is the gohan model pack i made i dont make the models i edit them to 1 pack: here is the dl to edit them for me.
  10. Ultra33Gokussj3

    EVM progress , New model T.

    Ok , i v been floded with PM , asking about evm about evm , Wele , evm could be done anyday now , but itl be released in 3 months , becuse it has lots of bugs , also , modeling i think is close to 60 % , becuse were modeling auras for diferent ascendation , also here the trunks , that ...
  11. H

    New long hair Trunks!

    Heh it's me again :p well this is not a big edit, I was bored and remembered ESF doesn't have a trunks like this. CREDITS!! Logan - The awesome Trunks skin ESF Team - Trunks model Hentai Sama - Trunks long hair and SSJ hair, and sword belt thing..and the non-SSJ pupils :) Updates...
  12. U


    Its been more than 2 weeks so i m not banned! Credit to: Models:PcJoe , Vassago , SS_Vegeta Skin : Form3 - SS_Vegeta , Form 4 - me , Cyborg - me
  13. Wangster


    well, since i got my new weed tree, ( made topic in offtopic ) i made a lil pic about weed, not done yet, wat ya'll think? Pic removed by Wangster, *dunno if i can post it, any mods/admins that can give me permission?*
  14. R

    Skin Edit: Bloody Majin Vegetto

    Hi all, I edited the Vegetto model from: Metro, Tek & Ned This is my first edit: *** pics removed by S-Bolt-- *** I'm waiting for the: Metro, Tek & Ned autorisation to publish it, if they refuse i will remove this... I'm just waiting your opinions... * edited by S-Bolt-- for...
  15. Z

    Vegeta .. Host ?

    Uhm, I'd like to get this hosted :/ . I'm gonna release it .. (Crits not welcome, I won't redo anything) The boots are from the originall one (I'm to lazy) and MR_Smo is the one that edited my head and did the upper back part. Thank u smo :) .. That's it .. I'd like someone to host it...
  16. U

    Fusion bebi

    well this the evil fusion of all time :devgrin: [IMG] *Pic Removed* -grOOvy * Link pwned by Magus for not getting permission*
  17. U

    ultimate ssj4 pack

    the new [edited goku] ultimate ssj4 :tired: i need someone to host it for me goku ssj4 real herre and real pans :laff:
  18. S

    credits permission

    i think its a good idea to make a thread and have people say if they don't need their permission to edit and release there models. So people don't need my permission to edit and release my edits.
  19. S

    finally bojack gohan done

    heres my final bojack gohan. i need a host for the models. credits to smo, sbolt,-SSJ Gohan Model: SS Vegeta Skin: Mastasurf and me fro edit. i need to get permission before its released
  20. Kreshi

    The Ultimate SSJ4- Pack

    The new SSJ4- Pack is done. Click here to download the pack. the link iclude pictures and the ssj4-pack- download (download the ssj4-pack.rar) The pack includes new sounds, sprites, gfxes and surely the 2 models vegeta and son goku. Here the credits i know: Model Son Goku: By Vassago...